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10 Things You’d Understand If You Attended High School

It’s the time of the year when we reflect upon the events that have occurred throughout the course of the year. From the weight that we lost (or didn’t lose), to the small, collective moments. For some of us, we’ve come to the end of our secondary education, and if you’ve ever gone to high school, you’ll definitely relate to these ten things.

1. When people complain about bad grades’
Stressing about getting 98 marks for add math while you could’ve easily gotten 100 is the utmost annoying and stupid thing to complain to ANYONE. There are some people who look like they’re sad and angry about it but they may be secretly celebrating at heart. Then again, there are some who are genuinely sad about a 98 for add math. Either way, it makes others feel uncomfortable and dumb. So stop it.

2. When you get called for that ONE question you have no idea how to begin answering.
Especially when it comes to writing it down on the whiteboard. It’s alright if the whole class doesn’t know the answer; but if they do, it can get pretty embarrassing sometimes.

3. Substitute teachers.

Best feeling ever when another teacher walks into class instead of the regular one. On rare occasions, there might be homework given but no one really does them because spare time is used for talking and having loud little class parties. Only the I-Will-Sit-Here-And-Stare-Silently-Until-You-People-Shut-Up helps to bring a little classroom peace until everyone starts talking again.

4. Writing dates or notes on tables.

Let’s face it. Who hasn’t? If you’ve never done it at all, you’re not a typical Malaysian student. Most of the time, everyone’s just too lazy to search for a piece of paper or book to jot things down. Using the table is the most efficient and convenient way to do so because we think that we’re gonna remember reading them. However, in most cases, we never do.

5. Waking up early after not getting enough sleep yesterday.

With homework, tuitions and Wifi, your life gets so much busier that sleep isn’t really a priority. Although you often promise yourself to sleep earlier, it rarely happens. In the end, you tend to have the habit of counting the hours of sleep you’ll get if you sleep exactly at this moment because you don’t want to sleep too early.

6. Sneaking out during Koko or skipping Koko for food.

Thinking you and your friends are the only gang of rebels out there skipping out on Koko but in actual fact there are others doing the same and you guys exchange smiles to acknowledge each other’s badass plan. But food is worth it because everyone eats to live.

7. Planning to do overdue homework during less important lessons.

It happens once a while to forget or ‘forget’ to do your homework. You’ll probably check on the timetable to see if it’s alright to do your homework during Sivik or any other lessons with the teacher less strict. If you feel lazy, you’d search for another friend who has incomplete homework to die together or you’ll just use the classic excuse – ‘Tak bawa’ (forgotten to bring)

8. Everyone having the same answers because we copied from that ONE girl who did her homework.
It usually happens when homework was given a month ago. Nobody remembers it until the day before and there’s just too much to be done in too short time. What’s best to do is copy and photostat, maybe change a few words and sentences. No big deal. Until the teacher suspects something.

9. Someone coughing or sneezing badly in a test.

It’s so awkward to cough non-stop when it’s quiet and people give you the Are-You-Okay glance. It gets bad when you sneeze and make this weird sneezing sound. Things get even worse when you start laughing at the sneezing and coughing. The situation gets the worst when YOU are weird and cannot stop giggling or laughing at the sneezing and coughing after the whole class’ laughter dies.

10. There’s always a haunted toilet or room.
Every now and then, you’ll hear ghost stories about your school, mostly during camps and night walks. The haunted areas are usually the girls’ toilet. Why? I have no idea. It just is.
What else can you relate to from your schooling days? Share it with us in the comments below! 🙂

Written by Loong Qian Wen


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