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5 Reasons and Advice Why Piano Lessons Are Good for Kids Brain

Most kids take piano lessons because they are fun. However, little do they know that playing an instrument is a lot more than just a hobby. When you play the piano, your brain runs at full speed. Moreover, several areas of the brain get activated leading to a lot of positive long-term effects. It also helps improve some important skills. In short, kids must take piano lessons as they are good for their brain. Here are five more reasons why piano lessons are a great brain booster:

Piano lessons enhance your coordination

Piano lessons can help with kids coordination as they have to move their feet and fingers together.

When kids play the piano, they develop the skill of independent coordination. There are times during the piano lessons when your left and right hands are supposed to execute completely different movements. These movements are good for brain development, as your brain has to tell each hand individually what to do and how to move. This is an excellent workout for your brain. When you learn to play separate hand movements at the same time, it helps stimulate various areas of your brain. Besides that, being able to read sheet music also aids in improving hand-eye coordination.

Piano lessons increase your listening skills

Listening skills can improve when you take piano lessons.

The fact is that if you want to play a certain piece of music, you have to listen to the original track very carefully. Only then will you be able to remember the sound and play it correctly. If you think your kids don’t have good listening skills, encourage them to take piano lessons as they are not only going to improve their listening skills but are good for their brain at the same time. Additionally, these listening skills will also improve your kids’ verbal memory and enable them to better recognize voices even in a noisy environment.

Piano lessons improve your reading skills

Piano lessons improve your reading skills.

Notes of a sheet are symbols that require decoding. You have to put them together to make sense of the entire song. Therefore, when you learn how to read music, it also improves your language reading skills at the same time. Moreover, decoding itself is a wonderful mental exercise and it is very good for the brain.

Piano lessons help sharpen concentration skills

iano lessons help sharpen concentration skills.

Kids who take regular piano lessons have amazing concentration skills. This is because a pianist has to manage multiple things all at once. They have to use both hands, pay attention to the notes, play the pedal, and most importantly, read music at the same time. Once you master your skills of splitting concentration at the instrument, you will notice that your multitasking skills have improved immensely.

Playing lessons improves your mathematical ability

Playing lessons improves your mathematical ability.

This one is the best! Did you know that notes and rhythms are based on math? Yes, you read that right! Reading music and knowing how to count rhythms require math skills. There are various studies that show kids who play any instrument generally perform better in math tests as compared to the ones who don’t. Piano lessons may not turn your kid magically into Albert Einstein, but they are surely good for their brain.

Shwu Tiinn
Shwu Tiinn
Graduating in Mass Communication. A person who is in the Taekwondo scene since 4 years old and it's been 19 years and counting. Competed in international, national and state level competitions [and won some medals too! 😉 ]. Believes that people can have sports and academics at the same time. Her mantra 'Respect, Discipline and Time Management is important. You'll never know when you will use or need it'


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