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7 Important Things to Teach Your 4 Year Old

Knowing what things to teach your 4 year old is extremely important because you get to have an active involvement into their development. But the challenge here is that it can be hard to figure out what exactly to teach your child and that can be important. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to know what things to teach your 4 year old, and here are some ideas.

Their address

This is important because your child can speak pretty well now and if they get lost, they do know their address. That’s a crucial thing to keep in mind, especially in a situation like this. That on its own can be a very important thing to consider.

Full name

Another one of the things to teach your 4 year old is their full name. Again, this can be very relevant in a variety of situations, so it’s certainly the type of thing to take into consideration.

Speaking with others

A 4 year old will be a little shy, but this kind of stuff does help quite a bit. It gives that sense of fun and excitement, and in the end it will convey a great experience. This one can be slightly more complicated and challenging, check out this site for further tips on how, and what to watch out for!

How to open food items and eat

It’s a great idea because your kid does need to learn how to eat on their own without being fed all the time. This is also great because it can prevent stains and simple things like that are the ones that will make a difference no matter the situation.

Learning how to tie shoes

One of the things to teach your 4 year old is definitely how to tie shoes. While it’s not that hard, it’s definitely something that takes practice. So it’s a very good idea to teach your 4 year old this stuff, as it will be well worth it.

How to button and zip

This is great because it helps your kid to ensure that they button up and zip properly. Again, while this is not a complex task, it’s a necessary one and one of those things to consider teaching your child.

Your phone number

It’s mostly for safety reasons, so anyone is able to call you in case your kid is in danger or he needs you. This is a great idea and it definitely conveys a very good experience. At the end of the day, it totally works and the value is amazing.


These things to teach your 4 year old are very good and they will certainly help your child more than you imagine. Take your time as you teach your kid this kind of stuff, and you will find yourself amazed with how much your child is able to learn even within a short timespan. Check out our other parenting blogs here!

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