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During Chinese New Year Top 7 Things Children Should Know

#1 Understand Traditional Superstitions 

Kids should know the traditional superstitions of Chinese New Year. Make sure your children dress up in red during “Chu Yi” (the first day of Chinese New Year) which indicates a bright and happy year ahead.  Also, allow your kids to “shou sui” which means stay awake during the night after the new year eve dinner. “Shou sui” is meant to let family members gather together during the time between the change of year.

#2 Be Respectful to the Elder Ones

Yes! It’s the time of the year again where all the kids and unmarried ones are ready to receive angpau and blessings from the elders. As a children, however, you have to show respect to the elders and greet them with auspicious words. This is what the tradition of Chinese New Year truly about.

#3 Reunion dinner

Every Chinese New Year, the sons and daughters reunite with their parents in the hometown for the once-a-year reunion dinner. This is the time where all the family members gather around and have a long chat. Children should be taught to keep their electronic gadgets away and have a heart-to-heart talk with their parents and grandparents.

#4 Tie Up Close Bonds with Relatives 

When kids follow their parents to pay their relatives a visit during Chinese New Year, they shouldn’t just play around with their smartphones or tabs and refuse to socialize with their relatives. They have to realize that this is their chance to tie up a close relationship with their cousins and uncles aunties.

#5 Give Your House a Full Spring Clean

According to Chinese superstitions, it is not allowed to do house cleaning during Chinese New Year as you may clean away all your good lucks for the year. So, kids should learn to do their own room cleaning, not only keeping their rooms hygiene, but also signifies to remove the old and welcome the new.

#6 Be Healthy 

I believe that one of the favourite Chinese New Year moment for all children is the snacks and beverages. However, the kids have to learn to keep their body healthy and not to over-consume the Chinese New Year snacks.

#7 What each day of Chinese New Year represents

Kids should be taught what each day of Chinese New Year represents. For example, “Chu Er” (the second day of Chinese New Year) is the day where married daughters return to their hometown to visit their parents. Whereas “Chap Goh Mei” (the 15th day of Chinese New Year) is commonly known as Chinese Valentine’s Day.



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