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8 Criteria When Picking The Right School

The choices for schools nowadays are plenty, and that’s an understatement. Parents and students alike are bombarded with options but what’s the right choice? In my opinion, to choose a suitable school, one has to look at the school from these 8 perspectives.

8 Criteria When Picking The Right School

1. Syllabi
Unless you already have a particular syllabus in mind, choose a school that offers a syllabus that suits your child’s needs. Different syllabi has different teaching methods so it’s recommended that you compare each one in order to make the right choice. Aside from that, the recognition and accreditation of the syllabus should also be considered so that your child can further his education with ease.
*syllabi is plural for syllabus

2. Schedule
Compared to public schools, international schools have longer hours so you should discuss with your child whether they can handle the extra hours. Also find out the recess periods because every school has different operating hours.

3. Teacher : Student ratio
A smaller classroom usually means that a teacher is able to pay more attention to each student and that each student is able to keep up with the rest of the class easily. Unlike public schools that has an average of 40 students per class, private/international schools tend to have a smaller number of students, usually 15-30 students per class.

4. Qualifications
This pretty much goes without saying. The school of your choice MUST have teachers who have been trained and are qualified to teach the syllabus offered. Aside from that, a great school should also train their teachers in the latest educational methodologies to further improve the teaching quality as well as the learning experience.

5. Extra-curricular activities
As the saying goes, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, so while great education is a necessity, it is also important to develop your child is other aspects. Choose a school that offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as sports and music to hone their talent.

6. Rules
While some parents prefer a lenient teaching style, it is undeniable that bullies are the worst kind of people you can face. With strict regulations or an entrance exam to weed out the bad apples, the students’ experience can surely be improved.

7. Counselling
Every student has their own problems, be it stress or family matters that they bottle up inside and that can lead to devastating consequences when they grow up. Professional counselors should be hired so that students can voice out their issues in confidentiality and receive advice to deal with them accordingly.

8. Fees
Talk about saving the best for last right? The fees for each school vary depending on location, facilities and syllabus offered. Private/international schools will definitely have a higher cost than public schools so it’s best to see if the quality of education is worth every penny. Most schools have upgraded their fee collection so you can use credit cards or even use online transfer.

All in all, these are the 8 factors you should consider choosing a school for your child. Choose wisely because the decision you make will affect their future.

About the author

Dylan recently graduated from Taylor’s College with a stunning result of 4A* for his A-Levels. He’s looking to pursue a degree in Pharmacy at Monash University.


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