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9 Problems You Face While Studying

1. Feeling sleepy when you start studying before bedtime or in the afternoon.
After all the time and energy needed to sit through every teacher’s lesson in school, it’s hard to stay awake for another round of studying. It’s not that you don’t want to study, your brain just refuses to allow any more information in.

2. Spending too much time on one page.
Reading the same paragraph over and over because you think that you have not read through it enough. If you sit there after 15 minutes and wonder why you can’t concentrate and then scold yourself for not being able to focus, you’ll probably spend a lot more of the next 45 minutes guilt-tripping yourself than you will reading. So, move on!

3. Finding excuses to postpone studying.
You let yourself watch one movie to mentally prepare yourself before the real work begins. But then they have a sequel and you have to watch it first to be satisfied. When it’s done, you have to share it on social networks but ended up Twitter-ing and Instagram-ing for an hour. The procrastination never ends!

4. Incoming messages, calls and game notifications.
The hardest to handle and resist. Setting your phone on silent isn’t gonna help. If you have no self-control, block your social media for a specified amount of time. There are apps to do so if you want. Or maybe it’s best to avoid technology at all costs.

5. Desire to eat or nibble on something even if you don’t feel hungry.
Constantly checking the fridge or cupboards for food even if you know there’s NOTHING to munch on. But you still check just to be sure.

6. Daydreaming.
Mostly involves you thinking about life or recalling events like the concert you just went to rave a week ago. How about daydream about the consequences if you don’t start studying now?

7. Little things get you distracted.
Nothing much to say because anything can get you distracted. Anything. Anything at all.

8. Frustrated about what you don’t understand.
You’re so determined to start studying but you still don’t know anything about it because every chapter relates to the previous one. And the problem is, you don’t really understand what was going on during the last chapter.

9. Feeling uncomfortable studying on the table.
You’re so motivated to get down to seriousness and put away all the discouraging thoughts. After sitting for less than 10 minutes, your butt itches. Literally. Because the sitting position is not right. Until you find the comfortable position to study, you’ll study in any weird ways possible.

In the end, we all tend to multitask. Studying. Eating. Whatsapping. Selfie-ing. It sometimes feel like you’re getting a lot done. But then again, no one here likes early morning cramming and waking up super early the first day of exams to chug information up your brain.So try to procrastinate less before moments of regrets happen.


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