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ABA Therapy is better than Speech Therapy

ABA therapy and speech therapy are two different approaches used to treat various concerns like language, communication, and speech issues. While these strategies can complement each other, there are times you may need to focus on just one therapy. In this article, we discuss ABA therapy and speech therapy, which one is better and why.

ABA Therapy vs Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

ABA therapy is mostly used for children with ASD to treat autism by changing their learning and social environments. Moreover, ABA therapy is an evidence-based therapy that gives families the right tools they need to support their kid with ASD while speech therapy is used to improve communication.

Additionally, ABA therapy’s focus is on human behavior. It is usually used to treat autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and developmental disorders in children. However, it can also be used to improve learning and social skills in people of all ages. Furthermore, ABA therapists try to understand certain behaviors so they can help patients develop positive behaviors, for which they receive a reward. The goal is to teach patients that positive behavior is rewarding.

On the other hand, speech therapy aims to develop better language and communication skills in people. A speech therapist evaluates the patient’s issues with communication and makes goals that the patient can work towards in either one-on-one or group sessions. These goals include learning to use electronic speech aid, strengthening jaw muscles, and more.

Why Consider ABA Therapy?

ABA Therapy Improves Social Skills

ABA Therapy Improves Social Skills

Individuals with autism often lack the social skills needed to make new relationships or to get along with other people. Whether it’s about making eye contact, sharing stuff, starting a conversation, or waiting for their turn, they lack these social skills. ABA therapy works wonders by helping the patient learn how to make connections with others. From making friends, having sleepovers to returning a smile, ABA therapy allows children with ASD to truly live their childhood.

ABA Enhances Independent Living Skills

ABA Enhances Independent Living Skills

Kids with ASD need a helping hand to develop basic life skills. This may include using the bathroom, sleeping well throughout the night, self-grooming, getting dressed, or brushing. ABA therapy works by noting behavioral patterns and creating specific interventions to encourage desired behaviors. This helps is boosting child’s ability to follow rules and also helps them become more independent.

Increases Life Satisfaction

Increases Life Satisfaction

ABA therapy gives both parents and their autistic kids a beautiful gift, which is the ability to live life to the fullest. When patients learn how to deal with frustrations, live an independent life and various social skills, they feel empowered. All of this may take some time but once they learn all the important skills, they are all set to form new bonds, contribute to their community, and receive admiration.

ABA therapy without a doubt is better than speech therapy because it shows long-term improvement in behavior and addresses all the important domains of life.

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