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Add Math Project Form 5

After many many maybe tonnes of request for me to do the Add Math Project, here you go…

I must say you still need to find your history and stuffs.

Section A
1. Find big piece of paper, measure and cut it according to their required measurements. I wonder why can’t they stick to an A4 size paper, isn’t it much easier. 

2. Put a cylinder in the other like below.

3. I have no time to buy popcorn, so instead i use ‘Dynamite’ sweets. And lots of them.

4. You pull out the inner cylinder and you will observed that Cylinder B has larger volume than Cylinder A.
Quick direct and easy actually.

5. Here’s the Section A –  Add Math Project Answer & Working. It will be good for you to add in your own opinion and more detailed working and all. 

For 6, i use an excel spreadsheet, cause you can use formula and it will make your life so much easier.The print screen is a bit blur though.

6. Section B – Add Math Project KLI use the most basic math calculations, I think you guys should use differentiation method to make your project more impressive and score a higher mark . Some teachers said you need at least 4 different shapes.

 Cube, it has the largest volume for a surface area of 300. So this will be the best of you are the one buyer or consumer. Can eat more mah.!!

Rectangle, i simply set the ratio of the height x width x length. But that’s the standard popcorn box ratio. You can of course try to use other ratio or differentiation to do this.  

 Cylinder, i fixed the radius to 5 cm, so that it will be just enough for the hand to put in and take the popcorn. Anything smaller and bigger the container will look retarded 😛

Cone, i fixed the slanting length to 20cm (normal length) and the radius to height ratio to 1:3, after calculation i found out that the Volume is the least. If you are the popcorn producer, this will be the container you use, because you sell less popcorn, lower cost
That’s all… the working and answers are just for your reference, so that you know where to start, please improve on the working and answers and if you have any good comments and ideas please leave it at the comment box at the bottom. Appreciate if you can ‘Like’ my page btw 🙂 Haha…

Any updates i will post here… till then. Happy Holidays


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