Why Caning Brings Up Better Children in Asian Household


In Asian households, it is not uncommon for parents to discipline their children with a cane. This practice has been around for centuries and provides an effective way to teach children important values and morals. However, in recent years there have been many debates about whether or not this practice should continue. In this post I will discuss why caning brings up better children in Asian households.

Is Caning Legal In Asian Countries?

Caning is still routine punishment in many Asian countries including Malaysia, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countries. It is usually done as a school punishment however it is also carried out in prisons as well. Caning is illegal in countries like South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam however it is still a common practice in these countries.

Does Caning Help In Bringing Up Better Children?

Parents and teachers always have good intentions for their children and students respectively. They want these children to succeed in life. They want them to have a good future and sometimes the only different between failure and success is the way a person is brought up. This is why many parents adopt caning to discipline their children. Many people argue that spanking and caning your children isn’t the best way to keep them away from making bad decisions or from other undesirable behavior. However that may not be the case. Many people would tell you that had it not been for their parents’ caning them when they were younger, they wouldn’t have had such a good life. There have been many studies conducted on this which show that when you scare your kids for certain undesirable actions or when they know they will be caned for doing something then they are most likely to not repeat those specific actions.

So, yes. Caning can help bring up better children.

Should Children Be Disciplined Using Caning

We have already established that caning works. It can be great in making your kids more disciplined. However just because it works, does it mean that it should be used? Well, excessive caning can actually cause stress and make your kids anti-social. This is why it is important have a number of different punishments so that sometimes you can use the slightly lesser painful punishments for your kids. With time caning should be completely substituted with other forms of punishment like holding off pocket money, not letting them play their favorite game or grounding your child.

Decipline is the bridge between goals and acomplishment.

-Jim rohn-

Credit to fearlessmotivation.com

Here are a few rules you might want to follow before canning

1. Canning should be a last resort after verbal warnings and disciplining methods has been used.

2. It should never be done in public.

3. Limiting the canning to one to three.

4. Get your emotions out of the way before canning.

5. Explain clearly to the child what he/she has done wrong before canning.


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