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Exchange at National University of Singapore (NUS)

There are so many universities all around the world which offer various exchange programmes, but why Singapore? Why NUS?

Yes, the cultures, the people in Singapore are almost similar to Malaysia, but imagine you are studying in the TOP university in ASIA! How can you miss the golden opportunity?

Back to June 2015, when I was a year 2 Accounting student from University of Malaya and just completed the fourth semester, everyone was planning what to do for the upcoming semester break and the next semester: going for a summer exchange in Korea, participating leadership conferences, attending language classes, enrolling in professional qualification courses etc.

No one wants a semester long of exchange since our course are a 4 years programme and we have to extend a semester if we enter into any exchange programme which could not fulfill the credit hours requirement. (Which also means that we will graduate a semester later than we should). I’m one of the NO ONE too.

However, after consulted a few of my seniors, I had a different view about exchange. I was so eager to explore the world outside. I also went to see the exchange coordinator of my faculty and told her about my concerns related to exchange programme: costs, learning experience, extension of study in UM. She gave me a few options of universities and programmes but the only programme which is under NUS International Relations Office: TF LEaRN @ NUS suits my needs.

According to her, upon successful application for the programme, I will be fully funded by the scholarship provided, which will cover the tuition fees, accommodation fees and daily expenses. The most exciting part is to study in the best school in Asia and having an unforgettable experience of the lifetime! My parents were very supportive when they knew about this programme and encouraged me to take up the opportunity. On the very next day, my lecturer told me that once my name is being nominated I cannot hold back and I said YES.

After a few weeks when the application procedures were finally done, here am I, starting my exchange journey in NUS! (The first day in NUS: 5 August 2015). Now, let the photos do the talking =D

Tembusu College of U-Town: Single room equipped with bed, desk, wardrobe, fan and air conditioner. 

Tembusu College and other residential colleges in U-town serve meal plan for breakfast and dinner everyday. The fees are already included in the accommodation payment. The residents are served a variety of food : Indian, Asian, Chinese, Western cuisine and the food must fulfill the guidelines imposed by the health organization in NUS.

We were so lucky to witness the celebration of Singapore’s Jubilee Year (SG50) which marked the 50th year of its independence.

The facilities of NUS: Swimming pool, TV room (with piano, LCD TV, comfy sofas, board games), a few food courts, gymnasium, study rooms, study areas (24/7 with A/C)

There are so many events and activities that NUS students can take part: cooking class, charity run, ukulele class, dancing, singing, swimming, canoeing etc. As a scholar under TF LEaRN @ NUS, we are required to fulfill some community services such as:

Bone Marrow Donation Program (BMDP), Give-a-day-off Campaign. We also helped to organize ASEAN Student Leadership Conference and other events. 

Besides studying and taking part in activities that are available. exploring the beautiful country was one of the must-do things in my list. (Left to right, top to bottom) Garden by The Bay, Botanical Garden, St. Andrew Cathedral, Universal Studio Singapore, Marina Bay, Esplanade, East Coast Park, Haw Par Villa, Singapore Zoo.

Singapore is a unique country and it’s very convenient to travel around by taking MRT , bus and taxi. The people is nice as well 🙂 well, for most of them xP

Last but not least, the people that made my exchange life complete. We studied, eat, played sports, had fun and celebrated each festivals together. I made friends from not only Singapore, but also Netherlands, Mexico, Switzerland, France, UK, Thailand, China, The Philippines, Laos, Vietnam and so on. The incredible fact is we still keep in touch till now although we are far apart! And our friendship is still growing strong ^^

‘I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.’ — Chuck Swindoll

Exchange in NUS was an unforgettable experience, from being taught by dedicated lecturers, learning new things, taking part in fruitful activities and knowing new friends, I also achieved self-improvements in terms of communication skills, independence, planning, decision-making and organizing skills. 

If you are seeking challenges, learning experience, friendship and self-development, don’t miss every single opportunity to go for an EXCHANGE 😉 I guarantee you wouldn’t regret it!

If you are interested to apply for TF LEaRN @ NUS, please visit http://www.nus.edu.sg/IRO/opps/others/in/tflearn/index.html for more details.

About the Author: 
Ms Hoo Hui Ann is currently studying Bachelor of Accounting in University of Malaya and is in her final year.

‘Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.’


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