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How to apply PTPTN Study Loan with 6 easy steps!

Procedures for PTPTN Online Application.

#1. Open a CIMB Personal Savings Account@ CIMB Bank.
You may choose to deposit RM200 to get a CIMB Bank debit card OR deposit RM500 if you want a saving accounts book as a record and as well as a CIMB Bank debit card.

*Different College/ University may open a DIFFERENT bank savings account. Please check with your College/ University.

#2. Open Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional (SSPN)

@ Maybank. (Immediately can apply PTPTN) OR@ Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd (BIMB) (Next day only can apply PTPTN)
*The minimum deposit is RM20.

#3.  Buy a PIN number for RM5 at Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN).

Picture above is a sample of receipt.

You have to keep this receipt because you will have to fill in the No. PTPTN, Tarikh Bayaran & Masa Bayaran when you first time log on to the PTPTN website as shown below.

#4.  Log on to http://www.ptptn.gov.my/gateway.     
– Fill in all the personal details correctly because any minor errors may result in your application being rejected. I have been told that the BUTIRAN KURSUS & BUTIRAN PENJAGA are the most important; you cannot make any mistakes especially in filling these two particles.

Picture above is the sample of how to fill in the information in BUTIRAN KURSUS.     
– Check the closing date before you submit your application.15 Mar/ 15 Apr/ 15 Sep/ 15 Oct
*Please check with your College/ University because different College/ University may not have the same closing date.

#5. Check your application status after 7 working days of the online application closing date.
*If your online application is rejected, you are required to seek advice from PTPTN.

Procedures after your online application has been approved.

#6.  Submit the supporting documents stated below to the PTPTN officer of your College/ University.
(photocopy on A4-size, single-sided only)
◘ 1 Copy- College/ University offer letter
◘ 2 Sets  – PTPTN Agreement and its Letter of Offero   Print from PTPTN website.
◘ 1 Copy- Maklumat Permohonan Pembiayaano   Print at Online Application, PTPTN website
◘ 1 Copy- Student’s IC
◘ 1 Copy- SPM Certificate
◘ 1 Copy- A levels/ Diploma/ Foundation/ STPM/ UEC or equivalent (Certificate& Transcript)  v 1 Copy- CIMB Savings Account Details
◘ 1 Copy- Parents’ pay slip (latest, normally within 6 months)/ BE Form (latest) / Letter of confirmation of unemployment for housewife and retired parents.
-For students who submit applications in semester 2 and above, the following additional documents are required:
◘  1 Copy- Confirmation letters are still learning from your College/ University.
◘ 1 Copy- The results of all previous semesters. 

Fore more information you can go to PTPTN’s official website.


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