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How to Become A Malaysian [ Doctor ]

CPR is a method to scoop people away from the grasp of death and but not Providence. Transferring oxygen directly into your respiratory tracts with a mouth-to-mouth, incessant pushes against the rib cage, and an unfading demeanour to save, to rescue, to bring hope, and to be the hope of our lives.

I was standing with my classmates in front of a dead man and other bunch of dead peoples directly after being claimed by the doctor in charge at the emergency ward. The old, frail man was lying there, he had succumbed to the big C that threatens humanity for centuries up until today.

I saw his soulless flesh, I thought he was gone, but something inside me prompted, hope… interrupted by the instructor, giving us turns to execute CPR on this old man.

“He is long gone, above ten minutes, cited dead by the doctor in charge.” He gave orders to the classmates, “Jia Mei, you are going to have this old man.” Flashing the green light for us to practise CPR on them.

“Yes, sir.” I pressed my mouth against his mouth, it’s cold, I need to try my best. 

Breathing life into him, pumping hope into him, executing the procedures impeccably with my nights with the medical books, and the hope that I have carried since I discovered my role for humanity. My breath into his lungs, my constant shocks against his chest. Thump……. I could feel a feeble heartbeat of life, thump……… Something was slinking into this realm of existence. 

Thump……. Maybe I am hallucinating. Thump……. The steady surge of life recorroborated “Sir! He is alive!” the instructor rushed to me, he checked the already dead man’s pulse.

“He is.”

Wow… I was awestricken by this miraculous miracle, or not? I questioned.

What I went through:

Pre U: A levels in UCSI university         
Degree: Perdana University (with full JPA scholarship)

Entry Requirements & Qualifications

Here are the minimum academic qualifications required in order for you to pursue a degree in Medicine, as set by the Malaysian Medical Council.

Level of StudyMinimum Requirements
STPM or A-LevelMinimum of BBB / ABC / AAC in: 
Biology + Chemistry + Physics or Mathematics
Australian Matriculation (SAM or AUSMAT)You will need EITHER:
(1) Average of 80% (or the equivalent of B) in:
Biology + Chemistry + Physics or Mathematics,
(2) ATAR 80.0, including:
Biology + Chemistry + Physics or Mathematics
Matrikulasi or Foundation in ScienceMinimum CGPA 3.0 (out of 4.0) in:
Biology + Chemistry + Physics or Mathematics

You will also need to have at least 5Bs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths / Add Maths and one additional subject at SPM, O-Level or equivalent.

Degree in Medicine:

IPTA- UM, UKM, USM etc (pre U requirement: STPM/ Matrikulasi/ Asasi only)         
IPTS (make sure the programme is recognised by MMC)

  • 5-year programme in Malaysia   
  • Twinning Programme with universities at overseas

A medical degree is at least 5 years long, and is generally divided into 2 parts.

Part 1, which is about 2 years, relating to pre-clinical training that is set in an academic environment. It involves the learning of basic medical sciences, such as anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology and pharmacology. You will spend most of your time in lecture hall and labs during this phase.

Part 2, which is comprised of the remaining years of your degree, relates to clinical training. You will undertake clinical training (including patient history taking, physical examinations, clinical skills and patient management) at teaching hospitals or clinical schools, rotating in different department such as general medicine, surgery, paediatrics and internal medicine.

My advice for you all is your mindset for this career is not purely about the status quo. Medical school is extremely challenging, demanding and time consuming. Choose medicine only if you are passionate about making a difference by caring for the sick

Do not pursue medicine for the money, prestige, job security because it is going to be a long hurdle and not worth it at all. Before embarking on this undulating journey, make sure you have the savvy about the affiliation of the medical career and you must be on your toes consistently for the challenges and demands flung at you in this doctor’s life – from a medical student to a houseman, followed by a medical officer and finally, a specialist.

Before signing up for any medical school, make sure that your degree is recognised in Malaysia. If not, you may not be able to practice in Malaysia. If you are planning to work in other country after graduate, please do check if the degree programme is recognised by the Medical Council of the other country.
Currently, only UKM and UM degrees are recognised in Singapore. Monash University Malaysia’s medical degree is recognised by Australian Medical Council. If it is not recognised, you need to sit and pass the qualification exams in the respective country. Some of the private medical colleges have twinning programmes with external universities from Ireland/UK/India et cetera. These may be recognised depending on which degree and where you graduate from.

Being a doctor is truly one of the most rewarding careers, but it isn’t for everyone. Do your research and make sure you’re in it for the right reasons!

The stitching portion of the course is the most intriguing thing to me, given the chance to be able to lace people’s wound back into normal shape, it is a form of art, inexplicable through words, but it is the way for me to perform my this field of art on people, saving their lives at the same time.

A little footnote, doctors still train with the style of a disciplinarian who follows all orders, not being recalcitrant to the orders from your head, it is akin to the military, strict and no mistakes are afforded to be made because it might cost the patient’s life.

Written by: Dr. Lee Jia Mei and Bryan Phua

It is quite a convoluted feeling after saving the dead, it was a miracle, but I did feel bad for him, because he needed to live on those painful moments where he could have rested after the vicious battle that had incurred between him and life.

Do you think it is worth it to have him to be saved?
Haha… it is a conundrum sometimes being a doctor. Just do what is right from the view of morality and civic consciousness. I am a doctor, that is why I am here to save people from the brink of death, giving them the hope to cling on, and to live on.


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