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Online PT3 test results, how to check it?

For the past few years, students are given several options to check their PT3 results either through online, SMS, or directly going to school or JPN to get the certificate and more details about PT3 information.

However due to the pandemic, the exam is postponed to the first quarter of 2021. For the previous review, students can no longer view their PT3 2021 exam results online. SMS review facilities are not available too.

Online review: No review available via saps pt3

Check Result Pt3 2021 via SMS: None available

Online pt3 certificate review: No online system facilities

Instead, you have to go to your respective schools to pick up the certificate slip.

How to check PT3 results online

However, if students are not satisfied with the pt3 result, you can appeal to review.

The following guidelines are Application for Review of PT3 Results 2019

  1. Candidates who are not satisfied with the PT3 results obtained can apply for a review of the results
  2. The charge or fee charged for the application to review the results of PT3 is RM50.00 for one subject.
  3. Application for review of decision must be made using the form provided by the Examination Board.
  4. Forms can be obtained from schools, Sector / Assessment and Examination Unit, JPN and LP or downloaded from the Examination Board website http://lp.moe.gov.my.
  5. The closing date for applications for review of results is 30 days from the date of official announcement of PT3 results
  6. The results of the PT3 review will be issued and notified through an official letter within two months from the date of the candidate’s application.

As for PT 3 Review Results 2021/2020 are not yet announced.

However, there are ways and guidelines are can be done as shown below:

  • How much does it cost to check pt3 results again?
  • How long is the time allotted for the submission application?
  • How to format the application?
  • Send application form to whom?
  • Download the results of the Review Form
  • Read this important notice before sending
  • When the date for reviewing the results of pt3 2021 came out?

Lastly, wishing all the best to the PT3 students on 2021 for their coming exam.

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