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IGCSE Chemistry Crash Course Notes

IGCSE Chemistry Crash Course Notes is finally out. 
IGCSE Chemistry Complete Crash Course Notes is the first IGCSE booklet typed prepared by Mr Sai Mun and his team.

This booklet is for students who are going for IGCSE Chemistry Exam in 12 to 1 months time.
They have compressed and condensed all the important key points for the complete igcse syllabus. ALL the 11 units are included which prepares students for IGCSE Year 10 and Year 11 school examinations.

This IGCSE Crash Course Booklet has

1. Illustration of diagrams and experiments are included in this booklet, so that the students can understand the points more easily.

2. Highlighted points are also being Bold, Italic and Underlined to ensure that students will not miss out any important parts!

3. Important points are also tabulated to ease for comparison and memorizing.

table of content

organic compound chapter

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