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Is This The Right Primary School For Your Children?

The changeover to primary school is a great bound in a child’s schooling. They go from the nurturing, tranquil atmosphere of a pre-school, nursery or kindergarten to having to actually learn numeracy, reading and writing; and to build the aptitude to process and remember information. Primary school starts between the ages of five to seven, depending on which curriculum you have chosen.

Primary School

It’s always crucial to follow up the performance of your kids when they are in primary school because this is the period where they start building foundation in term of academic and personalities. What they have been learning and doing in primary school will be carried forward by them into secondary education. Therefore, primary schooling is the best moment to nurture and foster good values to the kids. With the all moral values being nurtured since young, it would be least likely for them to turn bad when they are grown up. But of course, extra cares are needed as well when they are in secondary school.

In short, parents are often advised to choose the right primary school for your children. This is mainly because primary school is playing a significant role in the development of children, which include academic, personality, behaviour, and communication. A right primary school would prepare your children academically well for their transition to secondary school, as they need to deal with SPM or IGCSE during high school.

Thus, there are few questions to consider of when choosing a right primary school for you children.

#1 What is the teacher-to-student ratio in each class?

It is always recommended not to have too much students in a class in which teacher might face difficulties in paying attention to every single students. 

#2 What extra-curricular activities does the school offer?

The main point to consider here is whether the school provides a wide variety of activities to choose from, and does the school have the proper facilities to conduct them? This would give your children a wider choice and aid them to develop their preferred skills. 

#3 Consider the location: How convenient is it for your child to travel to and back from school?

This consideration is more toward the parents. If you are sending your child to school, do the school hours coincide with your working hours? 

#4 Does the school provide transportation services to your housing area?

For example, school buses? It would help you to solve the transportation problem and provide a win-win situation for you and your children.

#5 What are the exam results records of the school like?

What reputation does the school and its students have? Parents always wish to send their children to a better school. Thus, it is always the major point parents consider about when choosing a school for their children. 

#6 Is the security tight at the school?

Are visitors allowed to enter the school grounds unregistered? This is an important issue in which this might danger your children’s safeness.

#7 Take a tour at the school and observe how the teachers handle the students 

Are the children listening to them, or are they responding with poor attitude? This is because some of the teachers might not be responsible or patient enough to educate the students good values. 


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