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Jack-of-all-trades | The Principal

Jack is teaching Maths, passionately

“How should I answer this…” I was interviewing him, “Wait. Let me attend to my student first on the Maths question.” An intrusion was brought upon our interview, his student abruptly asked him to solve a question, and he was willing to put me to a pause to teach, this is how much Jack’s passion for teaching.

Jack was an electrical engineer on construction sites and on telecommunicating market. A year and a half into this industry, he hesitated, he was skeptical about his choice of his line. Alas, his smouldering passion for teaching overpowered his job in electrical engineering. So, he decided to join VBest as a full-timer via the apprentice programme, and completed the programme in a remarkable fifteen months span.

Before attaining a degree in electrical engineering, he was teaching as a part-time for several years in various centres including VBest. Jack was parsimonious and wanted to earn some allowance to sustain himself and negating from being a burden to his middle-income family. He accepted a job offer from his friend that was to teach at a centre. There, the igneous spark for teaching started to burn.

When Jack is teaching in front of the class, he felt happy because most of the students would be able to understand his way of teaching- a brisk teaching method which involves emphasizing the main points of a concept. He will be even more happier when he sees his students grow and improve academically.

“There would be times when you meet the not academically-inclined students, it is not a headache, but a platform to show how much I love teaching.” Jack spoke sententiously, “Even if the student- my student, had given up on studying, I will be patient, and exhaust all my resources to guide, to educate them.”

Students often regard him as a good listener, a brother, and a someone who is more than a teacher. That is why he is very favourable among the students.

Mr. Austin, a great teacher in VBest, has been the mentor that Jack looks up to most of the time. Both of them are bosom friends. Mr. Austin is slightly more fastidious compared to Jack. He has guided Jack to run a centre, and let Jack to have room to make mistakes, and to correct them.

“I have the freedom to choose my time to teach, the will say for the flexibility for working hours. The people here are friendly. No politics here.” He cited, “Everyone is willing to help each other out, and there will be less work pressure after the first few months upon joining VBest.”

“Don’t earn money just for the sake of earning it, but enjoy the process of doing the job that you like.” he quoted as he chose this job, as an educator in VBest, because of his burning passion for teaching, “you will live an easier, challenging- in which you will gladly embrace, and a better life.”

Mr. Jack teaching his students


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