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Little Insights on Desmond | Centre Manager

Desmond and his beloved students

The clown of the class, the beacon of light to the students in VBest tuition centre- Mr. Desmond Wong. Students regard him as a lovable, positive, and sociable demeanor who helps them to excel in their studies, especially in Science.

Desmond has a strong sense of independence since studying in middle school as he was from a bourgeois income family. He had took up part-times as a waiter, and a homework guide to earn himself some extra cash.

After graduating from SMK Kepong Baru, he had been affiliated with AEON in doing telemarketing and being a cashier in a Chinese herbs distributor- Hai-O. Desmond furthered his studies for a diploma in quantity surveying.

During his first semester, it was prosaic, trite. Mr. Sai Mun, offered him an opportune chance to work with him at VBest as a part-timer, Desmond assented without a second thought. His first on-hand project was project Cinderella- a pop-up space business, he learnt to promote, to manage, to look for partnership, and garnered a lot of life experience and became more of an extrovert compared to his old diffident self.

The opportunity became a springboard to establishing his career in VBest as an educator during his second semester. He has a predilection for the different culture in his working place as there were no formality hierarchy, no office politics, no overload of work. “What for working for a high pay when the working conditions are uncongenial.” he exclaimed.

“The people of the centre are fraternising, very welcoming, and I felt like I am part of this big and wonderful family where everybody has one another’s back all the time.” he spoke with veracity, “no matter which outlet I am at, I always feel the ‘welcoming’ sensation of a home.”

Mr. Sai Mun had employed him, and had influenced him the most. “He is phenomenal, yet caring. No doubt he is the one who helped me the most during my working days, he taught me how to think constructively, to make my own decisions with cogitation, and most importantly,” he paused, “He gave me a lot of chances.”

“Not only that, he also helped me not only in working situations, but also in life.” he elaborated.

Trust is one of the crucial virtues in this platform. Trust is the key element, the most prominent feature that he had found when working in this place. Desmond has the savvy to trust and to be trusted.

“No matter new or old employees, we trust each other,” he cited, “That’s why trust is the game-changer of this ever growing company.”

Desmond had completed the apprentice programme after a year and a half and is looking forward to establishing his own centre in the near future, as for now he wanted to garner as much knowledge and money as possible, have a stable income withal.

Travelling is one of his favourites, especially city walks. He hopes to explore the world before hitting old age, and without having to worry about his pocket.

“If you are alone, you can go fast. If you are in groups, you can go far.” the adage that Desmond realises, and clings unto with his life.

Desmond posing in his vacation.


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