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Question about sensory toys

Q: Hi Fit In, I’ve read an article that says fidgeting toys can actually help to calm my autistic child, is that true? How would it help?

A: Fidget toys can keep the hands busy, soothe nerves, help improve focus and occupy an active mind. It can also help autistic children with self-regulation and manage anxiety, some therapists use it to calm down the kid when dealing with a surge of emotions. The children can actually benefit from fidgeting especially when they are stimming. Therapists can train the child to replace stimming behaviour with other activities, for instance, fidgeting. Fidget toys do help some of the kids, however, it varies from person to person, as autistic children have different types of sensory issues. Therapists at Fit In will expose the children to different sensory plays, this can satisfy their sensory needs and improve their process and respond to sensory information.


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