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Road to Matriculation

Chun Yew was a post-Matriculation student from Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College who willingly shared with us his journey through local studies.

1. Is it true that matriculation is a very easy program?
Matriculation is relatively easier compared to other local pre-U programs like IB or STPM. In a way where the grading system is much more lenient and lecturers are more helpful in terms of academic.

2. Do you agree that students graduating from STPM are of higher quality than those who graduated from matriculation?
It is hard to say as each individual’s efforts in completing the program varies. Some may say that matriculation leavers have a better adaptation quality due to the different study environment while STPM leavers are confined to the comforts of their home. STPM leavers however possess a tougher mentality and higher academic endurance when they successfully survive the stress of STPM.

3. How does Matriculation work?
Matriculation is a fast track (1 year) pre-U program that entitles graduates a guaranteed place in any local Universities for their degree program.

Chun Yew holding his guitar, posing for the camera with a few friends.

4.Are there any compulsory subjects to take?
Yes there are. The subjects are pre-determined by the Ministry of Education for each module. For example, a Science stream student may choose from Module 1 (Maths, Chemistry, Biology & Physics), Module 2 (Maths, Chemistry, Physics & Computer Science) or Module 3 (Maths, Chemistry, Biology & Computer Science) while an Art stream student is subjected to only the 4 main courses (Accounting, Economics, Business Management & Maths).

5. How is the financial spending for matriculation?
Personally as a post-matriculation student, I can say that it is the least costly choice for a pre-U program. All course tuition expenses are fully sponsored by the government and we even get to receive monthly allowance of RM250 (2013/2014 session). Not to mention the subsidized meals sold inside campus and also the very strict ‘outing’ policy. You see, matriculation students are not allowed to exit the boundaries of the campus compound during weekdays unless for emergencies and are only given a limited 12 hours (from 7am to 7pm, policy may vary depending on colleges) during weekends for running personal errands, entertainment or any other leisure purposes. Inherently, spendings are at a low budget basis.

6. Is it recognised internationally by private universities or overseas? The local matriculation program solely serves as pre-U course for local Universities. But so, there are certain international universities who recognises the local Malaysian matriculation qualifications and do provide scholarship for studying abroad.

7. Does it offer scholarships to study abroad?
No it does not. If said person were to do so, he/she will need to apply for external scholarship offers that accept the local Malaysian matriculation qualifications.

Chun Yew and friends posing for the camera before a game of squash. He’s pretty good in it.

8. What if you didn’t do well for that semester studies? It is simple, you won’t be on the top of the list to be selected by your desired university. Well of course we students will need to apply for our desired university during the UPU(Unit Pusat Universiti) application but if our grades are not good enough, we may not get a place in our preferred university. On that note, there are 2 semesters in the program so there’s room for adjustments even after a disappointing semester result.

9. Where do you think are good colleges to take up matriculation Many may ask this exact question where they seem to think that there is a choice in selecting the better matriculation college to be posted to. Many fall trap to the fallacy of thinking that a less maintained college may affect your performance but truthfully it is all about our own efforts. All colleges have their respective flaws and perks so it is hard to pin point the best college. The lecturers and academic programs are all standardized, therefore what makes us stand out relies entirely in how we conduct ourselves.

 We’re 1Malaysia

 10. Will it be tough for you to get a spot in local U after matriculation?
Post matriculation students are guaranteed a spot in any local university but our grades and co-curricular performance may land us in our respective desired university.

11. Is it a must to stay in the hostel?
Yes it is. All matriculation students are mandated to stay in the campus hostel prepared by said college.

12. Any regrets going for matriculation programme instead of other courses?
My matriculation experience was a very pleasant one and I truly appreciate the friendships and memories made during the course of my program. Some may say that it is challenging to adapt to a completely new and alienated environment, far from the comforts of one’s home (away from civilisation, as we used to joke about) but truth be told, when you learn to accept and adapt to harsh surroundings, you can survive anywhere.

Good people. Good achievements.



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