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School Teacher vs Tuition Teacher | The surprising difference between them.

There are many differences between a school teacher and a tuition teacher. While a school teacher has to manage a large class of up to 30 students, a tuition teacher’s job is to help students in a more flexible and personalized way. Listed below are some of the differences between a school teacher and a tuition teacher. Let’s find out whether tutoring would be of any help for your kids to reach their full potential.

School Teacher

A school teacher works a school, and the ones who are willing to teach in public schools should also have a teaching license. Some school teachers choose to teach in religious or private schools.

Moreover, the main difference between a school teacher and a tuition teacher is that a school teacher follows an approved curriculum guideline. They develop lesson plans according to those guidelines. Additionally, their main goal is to make sure all the students in their classes learn certain skills to pass the class. An elementary school teacher normally teaches a number of subjects but high school teachers teach only that subject they have specialized in.

School teachers play an important role to access the students academic performance by setting exams and marking their papers. With fair and strict marking, parents and students will be able to know accurately how they are performing in school and able to take immediate actions to make things better.

On top of that, school teachers are required to manage clubs, sports and events which will help students to discover their talents and what will interest them apart from just math and sciences.

Job responsibilities of a school teacher

  • A school teacher must develop a teaching method that fits almost all students
  • They follow a standardized curriculum and should be able to reach the target within a time limit
  • Teachers should provide learning material to the kids
  • Should answer students’ questions
  • If the majority of students have understood the delivered lecture, a school teacher can move ahead
  • Must grade tests and assignments fairly
  • Update students’ records with class participation and exam grades
  • Set meetings with parents
Being a teacher requires a lot of patience and motivation. Some became a teacher so that the current generation can be better than the previous generation.

Tuition Teacher

A tuition teacher is also expected to have a degree, but many tutors start teaching after completing their post-secondary studies. Furthermore, a tuition teacher can focus on a single subject that they excel in or can choose multiple subjects. They are hired to help students who are weak in a certain subject or for the ones who need extra help to excel in their studies.

It is part of a tuition teacher duties to review their student’s work to figure out ways that can help them. They should develop strategies to help students improve their skills and understand specific concepts. Some tutors work with their students to help them improve their academic skills.

Tuition teachers play an important role to inspire and motivate students. Making the students interested and like the subjects will be the ultimate goal. Thats the reason why tuition teachers are more fun and lessons are more engaging.

Job responsibilities of a tuition teacher

  • A tuition teacher provides one on one / small group class
  • Lessons are tailored according to each student’s learning style
  • Tutors can teach in various ways to help students grasp concepts
  • Assign and evaluate student’s work
  • Reinforcing what has already been taught in the classroom
  • Make sure students like the subjects and also the tutors
  • Help weak students to do better by providing short notes, simplified explanations and short-cuts method.

Is a tuition teacher better than a school teacher?

Let’s just get this clear. Both school teachers and tuition teachers play important roles in helping students reach their academic goals. The best combination for a student to excel outstandingly will be a strict school teacher while an impactful and engaging tuition teacher working tirelessly for the student. However, if the school teacher and the tuition teacher is the same person, it will be half the effectiveness and not recommended.

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Mr Sai Mun
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