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Screen time and verbal repetition issue

Q: Hi Fit In, my child’s scripting behavior has increased a lot, I reckon it is due to MCO and his screen time has increased a lot at home. Should I reduce his screen time, is there any way to reduce his scripting behavior?

A: There are limited studies regarding the association between screen time and scripting behavior. However, children with autism are more vulnerable to various brain-related impacts of screen time, it can lead to hyperarousal and dysregulation. Thus, parents should monitor the screen time of children closely. As for scripting behavior it is disruptive for the development of the children and it is hard to replace with other behaviors. Parents can replace the behavior with something functional and equally valuable, for instance, therapists at Fit In practice manding, which can help the kids to make a request and express themselves, this helps with their initial stage of communication skill development and can efficiently reduce verbal stimming.


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