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SPM Study Online FREE

I find student have to travel to different places for tuition and parents have to spend lots of time transporting their children to tuition centres and sometimes 2 or 3 places in a day. A student of mine who is studying in a top school in Cheras travels to USJ for a class and then back to Kota Damansara for our classes on a Sunday. I have the highest respect for the parents for putting so much effort to help their son. As a teacher and someone who runs a few centres we find that our greatest responsibility is to ensure our students receive effective lessons, we go beyond parents expectations and add value to their lifes. 

To save time and for the sake of convenience, we have to use technology.

We have produced SPM learning videos, it might not be the prettiest looking videos you can find in the internet but i assure you that i can very much help you with your exams and very effective. Each video has been prepared carefully from quality of content, the layout of information flow, sound quality, lightings control and etc. 

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spm haber process

spm contact process

spm motion graphs physics

spm add math indices

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Pls ‘subscribe’ to show support, and we can produce ‘more videos’—


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