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8 Things You Need to Know About Queensland, Australia

Queensland is a small city if compared to Sydney or Melbourne. The lifestyle at this state is really relaxing and kind of laid-back. I would like to say that it’s really a nice experience to visit Queensland. It aids to slow down your steps and enjoy your life after busying for months or years. Those are the few things I would like to highlight.

#The University of Queensland

One of the Group of Eight. The campus is seriously big and stunning. It is just more than a university. The lake is huge, the garden is big. It just doesn’t look like a university. Undeniably it would be a super good experience to pursue studies here. The environment is just too good. One word, splendid.

hwan khing yuan
hwan khing yuan
hwan khing yuan

#Night Life

To be honest, it was a bit scary for me. The night life over here is seriously crazy. It makes an obvious contrast between day and night in terms of the amount of people at the streets. When it comes to night, the street where full of night clubs is seriously damn pack to the extent you would see policemen every where. This is probably to control the safeness of the people and prevent fighting after getting drunk. Indeed, there’s a number of strip clubs which offers adult entertainment.

This is the thing which you will never see in Malaysia. Moreover, it is surprising to find out there’s actually more girls when it comes to night life. The number of girls coming out for night life is greatly exceeded the number of guys. Personally think that guys would be on the demand at this point.

Fortitude Valley, Brisbane


The public transportation here is seriously superb. I would like to give a big thumbs up to this. The buses are always on time. You rarely see them late. They are super efficient and always reach on time. Every 15 minutes there will be a bus. And the estimated arriving time is greatly accurate. This is something Malaysia really need to learn and adapt. I was pretty amazed by the efficiency of their public transportation. Indeed, there’s jetty as public transportation at Brisbane river too! 

Public Bus
hwan khing yuan

#Theme Parks

Sea World, Wet & Wild, Movie World, Dream World. All located at Gold Coast. Although it’s a bit pricey, but it definitely worth a visit. It’s super fun. Sea World is the park which you will get to see aqua animals like dolphins, penguins, pelican and etc. There’s roller coasters too. Wet & Wild is water park which is something similar to Sunway Lagoon. But it is much more fun compared to Sunway Lagoon. Aqualoop is the highlight of Wet & Wild for sure. Movie World, my most favourite park among all. Green Lantern coaster, Batwing spaceshot, Superman escape, simply splendid. Pure enjoyment! Something that you would not feel bored of playing it.

hwan khing yuan
Sea World
Polar bear in the house!
hwan khing yuan
Wet & Wild Rockzz
Aqualoop @ Wet & Wild
hwan khing yuan
Warner Brothers Movie World
hwan khing yuan
Monroe in the house!
hwan khing yuan
We are Justice League!
hwan khing yuan
Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster! 
green laterns
Green Lantern Coaster
hwan khing yuan
Superman Escape!
Batwing Spaceshot!

#Gold Coast

One of the beauty of Queensland. The seaside is just simply amazing and chilling. Sand, sea, surf, sun, and sensational! You will see people running, working out, cycling along the seaside. The strong wind blows on your face, what you feel is just comfort whereas all your tiredness and sadness will just gone with the wind magically. 

hwan khing yuan

#Currumbin Wildlife

It’s a zoo located at Gold Coast. You are able to see and touch koala and kangaroo here! Indeed, Runningman from Korea played one of its station game here! I’m lucky enough to witness the filming here.

hwan khing yuan
The Muscle-Roo
hwan khing yuan
Selfie with kangaroo. Mission accomplished.
khing yuan
Witnessing the filming of Runningman. It’s real fun.
hwan khing yuan
Runningman in the town!

#Morning Market

It’s morning market, which is only available on Saturday morning and located at Davies Park, West End of Brisbane. It is much more cleaner compared to Malaysia’s. It definitely not like Malaysia’s market, walk path is wet, and disgusting smell keeps haunting your nose. It is super clean. You can get lots of cheap stuffs there. One must try is their ginger beer. It tastes nice, really nice. 

hwan khing yuan
Ginger beer
hwan khing yuan
Street Art

#Lake Moogerah

A place I highly recommended. The night view is really fantastic and stunning. You can infinity of blinking stars accumulated above you head. Indeed, you would have the chance to witness meteors. If you are lucky enough, you are even able to see the milky way. The night view is really superb. The feeling of lying on the grass watching stars and meteors on the sky is really heaven-liked. Too bad phone camera is too poor to snap the beauty of the night scene.

Night view of Lake Moogerah
Milky way

In short, Queensland (Gold Coast & Brisbane) is really a super nice place to visit. If you wish to have a relaxing getaway, Queensland would be the correct place. It’s a place which everyone would fall in love to. Highly recommended.

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