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Top 7 Problems Faced by International School Students

#1 Probably no one could understand your accent

Studying in International School indicates that you are going to mix with friends and teachers from different nations, and you are probably the only student from your country in the school. So speaking English with your country’s accent is probably the most suffering thing you will ever do in International School when nobody actually understand you.
Me: Can lah.Friends: 

#2 Unsure with your culture identity

Just an example, you were born in Canada and holding a Canadian passport, but you spent most of your time travelling and living in different cities. Your veins may be filled with Canadian blood but you were hanging around with friends from different nation and exposed to different cultures throughout your life. You may look like Canadian but your living style and perspective may be like, say, Indian way.

#3 One of your friends’ parents are diplomats

There must be at least one friend of yours who has diplomat parents, which means that you can never be relaxed when visiting their house or behave normally like how you used to with your friend. Yeah, there’s no need for you to get too nervy about it, they’re humans like us after all.

#4 International dishes

Some people love international cuisines but some don’t. Well, too bad for international school students who don’t like them as much as their friends. You’re facing the real struggle when your friends from other nations offer you their country’s dishes but they never noticed that you never liked their dishes. You feel bad for rejecting them but at the same time struggling to swallow a single bite of their dishes.

#5 Visa 

When you see kids from other countries absent to class, you will know there is only one possible reason, yes Visa. It’s kind of annoying when you have to go to the embassy to sort out your visa issue regularly, missing classes is never fun though.

#6 Say goodbye to friends frequently

Being an International School student means that you have to attend farewell parties almost every semester. Most of your friends followed their parents who work temporarily in overseas and study in the same International School as you do for just a short period of time. When you just about to get close with them, they are following their parents to another country again.

#7 Difficult to adapt

It is impossible to stop yourself from knowing friends from different countries and cultures. It is actually a good thing but some International School students experience culture shock and fail to adapt into the new environment. They will find it hard to mix with different people and unable to accept different ways of mindset.


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