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When should I send my child to school?

Q: Hi Fit In, my autistic son is 5 years old, should I send him to school? I’m feeling quite insecure, and not sure where I should send my kid to. 

A: Autism traits vary from person to person, in addition, Autism is a spectrum disorder, and individuals could be in the range from low functioning to high functioning. Autism kids will face more challenges that are related to cognitive processing delays which could affect the child’s ability to process verbal or written language. They could also have sensory perception issues, social skill deficits and motor skill challenges when writing their homework or taking tests. It is important for parents to prepare and rehearse with your kids before school, parents can visit the school and expose the kid to the school setting to help them get familiar with the place to ensure a smooth transition.

Moreover, early intervention is also important to develop the skills of the child, for instance, ABA therapy can improve the child’s cognitive processing, motor skill and social skills. Occupational therapy is also a good choice to improve their sensory issues.


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