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When should I start toilet training with my kid?

Q: Hi Fit In, my autistic son is already 5 years old, he has limited speech and he still cannot go to the toilet independently and has to wear pampers every day. When can I start training him to go toilet and how can I do it?

A: Toileting is indeed one essential life skill, there are several signs that signify that children with ASD are ready for toilet training. These signs include that your child is able to tell you by using sign, gesture, et cetera, your child will be able to follow simple instructions like ‘sit on the toilet’, ‘pull down pants’ and your child has enough bladder control to stay dry for at least one hour during the day. If your child has limited verbal skill, you can use visual aids to guide him. When it comes to communication, less is more, so make your instruction short and understandable. Parents can also use encouragement, rewards and social stories for toilet training. 

Here at FIt In, ABA therapists will put the child on the toilet at regular intervals and break down the toileting routine, for example, ‘remove pants’, ‘sit on the toilet’, ‘wash hands’ and ‘wear pants’. Therapists also will reinforce the child if the child follows the routine well.


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