Flash Card, how to introduce it to your kids?


Babies and young children have the unique ability to learn things effortlessly. They will be curious to things around them and learning things easily. They can speak words even before they can read, which is amazing. You can start as early as 0 months old.

flash card to introduce new words and images..

Flash card learning for children is quite popular as a playful means to introduce children to new words, image or concepts. The benefits of flash cards are that they make it easy to maximize the benefits of repetition and to improve kids’ memorization skills.

The Traditional Way

The traditional way of using flash card is two sides with one asking a question and the other depicting the answer, a spoken word to accompany a picture properly targets language development in younger children. Hence, repeating words to children so they can mimic them is already the most natural form of early teaching; adding a pictorial clue offers great visual information stimulation in addition to the auditory learning. When you are using flashcards with our child, you can add written words over time to help develop reading and writing comprehension. And once a child reaches a certain stage it is important to go beyond mere recognition of words and sounds and towards actual production of the word in question.

How to introduce flash card to your child?

You can buy affordable Flash Card at only RM4 per box through this link for variety of subjects. There are Alphabets, Colours, Farm Animals, Zoo Animals, Sea Animals, Shapes, Numbers, Feelings & Weather, Body Part and Fruits.

Flash Card Creation Way

Besides that, flash card creation can be a great activity for older children that helps them learn how to go about building their own learning tools later in live. It is also a first step towards learning the material they will be covered with the flash cards.

Children can be involved in the creation process in a number of ways:

If there is no ‘required learning’ or you simply want to introduce cards as a learning game, get your child’s input on a subject to study.

Once you have made a choice, get creative on the card creation process. Allow them to draw the question side of the card and help them spell out the answer.

When images are involved, you can pick them with your child; find images to color in, give the child magazines/newspapers/coloring books to choose and cut out images from, add these to the flashcards.

…fast paced quiz activities…

Playing flashcard with your kids are supposed to be fun. There are some easy ways to keep things interesting. Engaging the child in fast paced quiz activities can turn flashcards for kids into a great game with other learners, for example, when the material has been covered by all children, quiz your child with a classmate, friend, or sibling to offer more enticement to remember.

supposed to be fun

Made your game interesting is the key to attract your children to love in learning. Made your children learning progress with fun and exciting activities with the flash card! Be the lovely guider and parent, this could alternatively increase your bond between you and your children. So Let’s play!


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