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5 IGCSE Definition List by Best and Top VBest Tutors

If you, your friends or your child have difficulty understanding terms, formulas, equations, mixed them up easily or wrote it in every notes you/they have. Always dreamed of having a definition list where all formulas, equations and terms are in one file, not needing to write it down on your own? You are at the right place!

Formulas, terms and equations maybe be annoying and are hard to memorize because you do not have proper list or notes of it. Moreover, with students taking multiple subjects at one-go, it is definitely harder as definitions could be mixed up.

Therefore, we would like you to have these definition lists specially for students that are taking their IGCSE. Be it Physics, Biology, Business Studies, Accounting or Chemistry, we’ve got you covered!

These definitions are created, typed and hand-written by VBest tutors themselves as they want to help students achieve their desired results in their exams. We hope that this will be useful to you for your any upcoming exams!

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Visit VBest website to download them.

Definition List:-

Definition list by Mr Desmond
Definition list by Mr Ivan
Definition list by Ms Joan
Definition list by Mr Khing
Definition list by Mr Joe
Definition list by Mr Edison
Definition list by Mr James
Definition list by Ms Zi Ying

Ps: Thank the tutors if you meet them or taking their classes, they took quite some time to do it as all formulas, terms and equations are important!

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