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7 Common White Lies That People Tells

Who never tell lies? But be extra caution when women tell you these common lies, because they often mean something behind the lies. Haha 🙂

7 Common White Lies That People Tells

#1 What to eat? Anything, you decide.

Even if you have suggested or decided what to eat, most of your suggestions (or I should say all of them) will be rejected. Women will normally response to your decision with “Har? But I don’t feel like eating it”, “It’s so fattening! Don’t want”, “Errr, nope”, and etc. Ended up, they will come up with a decision and there goes your meal of the day. Problem solved. 

#2 Look doesn’t matter me, as long as he is a good guy and royal to me.

When the moment girls meet a hot dude, “OMG he is shoooooooo handsoomeee!” Once the handsome dude attaches her, gone case, she has already falling in love. Handsome ftw. 

#3 I don’t care how rich or poor are you, I love you, not your money.

Which girl does not love bling? A diamond ring or an onion ring? 

#4 I’m here just for window shopping.

There goes your wallet. I’m going to buy a shoes only. *Next moment, “Omg this shoes is so nice! I wanna get this one also, can I?”. You can only say yes. But if you say no, you are responsible for what happen next. Haha.

#5 I’m alright. You are forgiven.

When girls tell you so, believe me, most of time they are still pretty mad with you. To be exact, they aren’t alright and you are not forgiven! When you think you are really forgiven and tend to act casually with her, then you really deserve to get scold from her again. 

#6 It’s okay. Just go ahead.

Never do or go ahead if she said so. “It’s okay, just go out with that girl. I’m alright with it.” *At the meanwhile, “Don’t you dare to go out with her, I’m gonna kill you.” Jealousy always there. 

#7 I promise I won’t get mad.

Before your confession, “I promise I won’t get mad”. After your confession, “$@&@%#$*@!@#!”


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