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Which therapy should I choose for my child?

Q: Hi Fit In, there are many different therapies available, can you briefly explain the differences and recommend a therapy that is appropriate for my 2 years old autistic kid?

A: There are many different therapies available out there, however, most are not based on scientific or empirical evidence, thus parents should choose wisely. Generally, scientifically proven methods include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), speech therapy and occupational therapy. Speech therapy focuses on communication and interaction aspects, whereas occupational therapy addresses sensory issues and motor skill, lastly ABA focuses on shaping the behaviours and teaching new skills which include communication, social skills and life skills. 

Which therapy to choose depends on the child’s issue or the goals set by the parents. We strongly encourage parents to send their child to ABA first, as it fosters a strong foundation of skills in different aspects and shapes appropriate behaviors that can be crucial for the child’s development, it is the first stepping stone for autism child. Moreover, ABA is known as the ‘Gold standard’ for the treatment of ASD, the child’s progress is tracked and measured, thus it is believed to be the most efficient intervention.



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