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Empowering yourself through language.

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Mastery of the English language tends to be encouraged in general curriculums and parents, especially in countries that do not speak it as a native language. The reasons are straightforward and understandable considering our roots: we were a British colonised nation where Anglo supremacy was absolute, and the beauty of their culture tends to be given more importance than our own. Therein comes the mentality passed down from our predecessors that being fluent in the language would perhaps lead to a comparatively better life. 

This isn’t a concession that English is an inherently better language in any way once we have broken down why there is such insistence on its mastery over any other language (after all, less than 4% of the world have English as a native language despite the hype of it being the key to international communication). It is, however, sensible to consider that English is just a step towards encouraging ourselves towards better heights rather than being a badge of excellence by virtue of itself. 

Remember, this is an article to help you decide why it’s worth mastering it for yourself. 
1) The hype of how it’s the language for universal communication isn’t without basis.
There is no dispute that language has been used as a means to control conquered nations throughout history (culture is stolen or erased while the language of ruling civilisations lives on by being the only known language to newer generations to come). The vastness of Britain rule in the recent few centuries has since shaped how the world adapts Thus, looking at the world we live in today, there is a general consensus that English is the go-to whenever language barriers exist as most general curriculums in school mandate a student’s qualification in English. While it is still ideal to be multilingual, English should be a necessary foundation just for ease of career advancement in the future.

2) To better understand the beauty of linguistics that relates to the world.
While this is not exclusive to English, it certainly is a good place to start due to the simple fact of accessibility. Many historically relevant works have been transcribed to English in hopes of reaching a wider audience, and that has contributed to exchanges that have shaped the world as we know it into what it is. From Shakespearean to speeches of world leaders and modern screen writing of today, everything we know involves a mastery of language that introduces us to perspectives and lessons that we might otherwise not have experienced ourselves. As more time and passion is invested, a whole new world can be open to us, which…

3) A step forward in self-expression.
The moment our appreciation towards things beyond ourselves manifests, so too can our ability to better convey ideas and passions. Infused with a more vivid understanding towards the life that surrounds us, we will be able to express ourselves in more precise words that communicate our ideas, thoughts, and emotions. Mastering a language has much to do with sending the right message, and in the process of understanding language and how it’s used better, a mutual understanding between all parties will no longer be a far-off dream.

4) Enlightenment.
This isn’t meant in the sense of religious dogma. Simply by venturing towards the quest of understanding the language better, we grow as people—language allows us to delve into perspectives and cultural undertones that are so uniquely different from our own, and this applies particularly to English that presents a variety of genres and content for our comprehensive pleasure that is both accessible and relatable. 
Take the first step towards learning the language, not out of strict obligation, but for your own empowerment instead. Once that world is unlocked in gradual steps, you’ll feel the difference. And we guarantee you won’t regret it.


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