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7 Reasons Why Communication Skill is Important

Maintain Good Relationship After Marriage
For every marriage, the key to maintain a long relationship isn’t just to avoid conflict between wife and husband, but to find a successful resolution for it. According to statistics, over half of all marriages ended in divorce, and one of the reasons which leads to divorce is lack of effective communications. Besides, men and women have very different ways of communication and thinking, that’s why men and women must know how to communicate well so that two people can get along well for the rest of their lives.

Advance in Career after Graduation
Interview is a must for every graduate before they start their career in any firm in the world. Interviews require a good conversation between the candidate and the interviewer, and this is the time where communication skill becomes very useful and effective. If candidates can’t impress the interviewer during the interview, it is impossible for the candidates to get the job they want.

For Better Learning
Study shows that students with ineffective listening skills will fail to absorb much of the materials to which they are exposed. And this problem gets worsen when can’t respond correctly and appropriately to their tutor due to poor speaking skills. Only with good communication skill, students can learn and understand things better and faster.

Kids are Psychologically Healthy
Parents who communicate effectively with their children will give their children a good sense of security and belonging. Their children can grow up with sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Children who learn effective communication skill can also voice out their needs and wants in a proper way and prevent misunderstanding between parents and children.

Greater Chance of Universities Acceptance
University applications nowadays require personal statements to evaluate every students’ accomplishment, as well as evaluate their ability to convey it. If a student is accomplished in education and co curricular activities but fail to convey them to the admission officers, the opportunity will be passed to someone who can as they are seeking for articulate and accomplished candidate.

Work More Effectively in Groups and Teams
In every group activities, you will need to request for information, discuss problems, give instructions and interact with colleagues and members. Good human social skills are essential if you are to achieve great cooperation and effective teamwork where it cannot be done without good communication skill.

Make New FriendsGood communicators enjoy the qualities of self confidence, leadership, personal presence, credibility, ability of explain and persuade, understanding of others, and interaction enjoyment. All these qualities help one to make friends and maintain relationships. 

Mr Sai Mun
Mr Sai Mun
A teacher at heart, who's blog and YouTube has garnered over 5 million views. He co-founded multiple companies which creates breakthrough in education, special needs and entrepreneurship. Currently a father of two, navigating and exploring parenthood.


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