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7 Reasons Why Teaching is for You

Ever wonder if teaching can be for you? And why teaching is for you?

7 Reasons Why Teaching is for You

1. Staying Younger
I had a teaching experience in 2010 in a primary school. I spent lots of time with children from 8 to 10-year old. Being around the circle of children from 8 to 10-year old made me think young as I had to be engaged with them to understand and get to know them better. Sometimes kids do have some awesome idea that pleasantly surprised you.

Mr. Sai Mun is a real good example because he has been teaching for 10 years. Teenagers are definitely harder to deal with. However, his passion in teaching helps to bridge the gap between him and the students. Being around teenagers definitely has kept him updated and knowledgeable about current trends and ideas. Evidence? Check out his Instagram and Facebook!

2. Building Confidence
Teaching builds one’s confidence as the teachers are obliged to share the right and accurate information and knowledge. As the teachers lead the students everyday, it helps to build their confidence because they know what they are talking about.

3. To Influence
It is a sad fact that some children in this century spend most of their time with the teachers at school as compared to their parents. Due to long hours at school each day, the teachers have the direct opportunity to positively foster the future through impacting their students’ views and understandings. In addition, being the leader of the classroom provides greater opportunity to inspire and even leaving lasting impression on the children.What is happier than seeing good changes in a students?

4. Student Success
Progress you see a student is very rewarding, especially when you put 100% effort in teaching. As the leader of the classroom, the teachers develop and shape the students with the skill the students need to reach their potential and talent. Students are like the fruits that teachers spend hours and put lots of effort to plant. Teachers often get incredible joy when they see the fruits of their efforts are able to use their intelligence to achieve their dreams. Believing every student has the potential to succeed is the key.

5. Being Your Own Boss
The classroom is a teacher’s domain. Teaching is a creative profession. The teachers are given much flexibility and room to teach in different ways depending on their own personality, teaching experience and knowledge. Even though the teachers have mandated curricula to follow, they get to decide what he/she gonna teach each day. Majority teachers don’t have to undergo supervision when they first start their job. So being a teacher is for you if you don’t like to work under supervision!

6. Variety
The students are always changing even though the teaching materials may change after several years. None of the days are the same due to different subject or topic that teachers have to teach the students. Some teaching subject matter would require different teaching style or strategies and teaching tools to help students understand better. Teaching would be more challenging with the increasing difficulty of teaching topics. So daily work of a teacher is never boring!  

7. The Holidays
I would assume that teacher is one of the occupations which have the most holidays. During my teaching experience, not only I had more extra time to spare when my work ended around 1.30pm every workday, I also have more time for myself and family when there were school holidays. Who doesn’t love holidays? It is the best time to explore the world, learn something new or spending time with the beloved ones.


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