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Form 6 STPM, is it worth it?

Thinking to do FORM 6?

Studying Form 6 is a tough process yet it is fun! Rushing to complete assignments and syllabus as well as taking part in extracurricular activities are daily routines. There are three semesters in Form 6 and students have to sit for STPM papers at the end of each semester. 

My experience in studying Form 6 in 2013-2014 showed there was stress as everybody was busy with his or her coursework and tuition classes.

We even couldn’t enjoy our semester break because we needed to prepare the notes for the next semester. However, we learnt to help each other by sharing the knowledge acquired from the international reference books in our Facebook and WhatsApp groups. In the first semester, there were six out of 27 of us who scored 4 flat! This was a great achievement for SMK Kepong Baru! In March 2014, we were shifted to the new school which is SMK Desa Mahkota, in line with the government’s education master plan to group all Form 6 students in a centre.

At SMK Desa Mahkota, our attire is smart casual and we are allowed to bring smartphones to the school, at our own responsibilities. The most attractive part of the new school is that free wifi is available in every corner of the school! This eases the students to search for the latest information especially for Pengajian Am subject. 

A memorable event during my Form 6 days was that our class organised a 3-day-2-night trip to Cameron Highlands to catch insects. We burnt the midnight oil to dissect the insects and we learnt how to preserve insects as required in the assignments. It was enriching trip for all of us.

Is there any special feeling studying Form 6? After studying Form 6, you will become more mature in handling different kinds of situation. If you want to get a degree in future at low cost, Form 6 is one of the choices to consider. Work hard, Play hard! That is Form 6.
Ms Shin Jing shares her experience in FORM 6 STPM, she graduated SPM with straight As and just completed FORM 6 in SMK Desa Mahkota.


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