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Changes for SPM Chemistry 2021 | New KSSM Form 4 Form 5

Students who are taking SPM in 2021 should be noted that the Ministry of Education introduced a new format for the coordination of new subjects under the Secondary School Standard Curriculum. Starting in 2020, Form Four students will use the Science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subject packages as well as the new Literature and Humanities Package to replace the abolished science and literature steam. So, what had been changed in Chemistry subject?

Form 4

In new syllabus, the Electrochemistry chapter was removed and transferred to Form 5 syllabus. Acids & Bases and Salts were combined into a single chapter. In addition, the subtopic Synthetic Polymer had been removed fully and added into Form 5 Polymer chapter.

The Structure of The AtomMatter and The Atomic Structure
Chemical Formulae and EquationsFormula and Chemical Equations
Periodic Table of ElementsPeriodic Table
Chemical BondsChemical Bonds
ElectrochmistryAcids, Bases and Salt
Acids and BasesRate of Reaction
SaltsManufactured Substances in Industries
Manufactured Substances in Industries

Form 5

For Form 5 syllabus, the rate reaction was replaced by redox equilibrium. This redox equilibrium included the standard electrode potential where the students never learnt it in the old chemistry syllabus. Other than that, a new chapter Polymer was added. This chapter will be a new knowledge for SPM students.

Rate ReactionRedox Equilibrium
Carbon CompoundCarbon Compound
Oxidation and ReductionThermochemistry
Chemicals for ConsumerConsumer and Industrial Chemistry

The new exam format for SPM Chemistry 2021 is listed below:

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