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The Khing | Vice Principal

Khing and his students

The austere, pallor, yet active figure- the Khing, is standing in front of the class, teaching with utmost ardour. His students are spellbound his outstanding teachings. However, there would be the one who scrolls the phone all the time, Khing stopped the class as he could not stand her playing her phone, walk towards her, and give her a smile. She blushed as she realised her blunder.

Mr. Khing is a man who have the best of both physique and mentality. He has a sinewy figure as he was a state-runner before, and his finesse in art is of national level of recognition as he earned himself an interview from the Sin Chew Daily. He started teaching since he was in high school, he was employed by Mr. Sai Mun as a part-timer. 

More than seven years of teaching, from being a part-time teacher for Mr. Sai Mun, to being a tutor at Monash University, Malaysia campus, to taking up the responsibility of being student leader for the Peer Assisted Study System (PASS) at Monash University. His life had and has been teaching, affiliated with education. 

Khing had been to US to a work and travel programme at Mt. Rainer National Park. “It was a blast, had learnt the different culture of the US people.” he exclaimed. After a month upon finishing the exciting programme, I joined Mr. Sai Mun as a full-time via the apprentice programme, I completed the apprentice programme in seventeen months.”

“My degree was biotechnology, but I have no interest in it whatsoever, I just want that piece of paper,” he said wryly, “I chose to follow my passion that is to teach students, to educate them.” 

“When I stood in front of the class, I felt different, ‘ambitious’, as in my context. I felt the sense of appreciation and success when the students understand what I wanted to convey in my classes.” 

The best comment he had received which acted as a catalyst to make him teach with even fervently which was from a student a few years back. “At first, I thought attending this type of tuition class will be dreary, but after I have met Mr. Khing, everything changed, I no longer discriminate this kind of classes. On the contrary, I look forward to coming here to learn more.”

“The working conditions are always welcoming in any sense, that of a home, a big and wondrous family I got here.” he cited, “I got to learn a lot of stuffs ranging from teaching to dealing with parents. Plus, the working hours here are flexible, I can do some travelling any time that I wanted to.”

Mr. Sai Mun has been his mentor over this couple of years, Khing regards him as a motivator, an inspirator, and a spectacular individual who seeks for success in everything that he does.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you had imagined.” Khing quoted with vehemence as he believes that anyone who has the ardour and be pertinacious in pursuing their own dream will achieve them.

Another picture of Khing and his students


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