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Type of flashcards on different stages of children development

Do you know that flashcard can be used to train your baby to have a good eyesight and memory.

When the baby is born, the vision is on 1/30 of that of an adult, the distance that the eyes of the baby can see is very short. It is almost as if you can see the mother’s face when drinking milk, and cannot focus, only the outline can be seen.

How to practice with flash card?

Gaze method:

Hold your baby in your arms or lie down, hold the card about 25cm away from your baby’s eyes, and stay still for a while, let the baby pay attention to and see the card in front of him, and explain the pattern on the card to him.

Tracking method:

Hold the card at a distance of about 25cm from the baby’s eyes, and keep still. After the baby sees the card clearly, use this position as the origin to slowly move the card up, down, left, and right. Pay attention to whether the baby’s eyes move back and forth with the card.

  • At the beginning, only one pattern per day is shown to the baby, then it can be gradually increased. Practice 5-10 times a day, no more than 30 seconds each time.
  • Mothers can explain the above patterns to the baby in detail when showing the card, attracting the baby’s attention, and also allowing the baby to be well stimulated in both visual and auditory senses.

What type of flashcard to be used for different stages?

By taking the examples below which including three groups of black and white cards, red and black white card and colours card.

Black and white cards are suitable for 0-3 months

Flashcards from 0-3 months old

At this stage, babies like to look at graphics with sharp outlines, familiar and beautiful, and strong contrast between light and dark, especially black and white.

The red and black card is suitable for 3-6 months 

Flashcards from 3-6 months old

The baby is more sensitive to colors at this time and likes bright colors, especially red will attract the baby’s attention more.

The color card is suitable for 6-12 months

Flashcards from 6-12 months old

After 6 months, the baby’s visual acuity has reached the adult level. At this time, use more colorful and abstract pictures to stimulate the baby’s vision.

The color card is suitable for 12 months-36 months

Flashcards from 12-36 months old

After 12 months, the baby’s vision are fully growth and can be train to more challenging colorful card. For example card with gradient and mixed colours that will enhance their creativity and vision.

There are 20 cards in each group, with patterns on the front and back. The time for the baby to look at the pattern for the first time may be as long as 10 seconds or more. When the time to look at the same pattern decreases and reacts, it means that the baby is already familiar with the pattern and can be replaced with a new pattern. The patterns you have seen can be reused to consolidate your baby’s memory.

The room must be well lit during the practice of the flashcard, and the baby’s body and spirit must be in a good state. For example, after changing the diaper, stop immediately once the baby is in a bad state.

Flashcard are not only early education, but also a good parent-child game. Mothers must have more patience and more time to interact with their babies, so that they can feel their mother’s love. So relax and start the intimate interaction between you and your baby immediately~

Mr Sai Mun
Mr Sai Mun
A teacher at heart, who's blog and YouTube has garnered over 5 million views. He co-founded multiple companies which creates breakthrough in education, special needs and entrepreneurship. Currently a father of two, navigating and exploring parenthood.


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