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Writing Workbook for age 3 to 5 years old

I would like to recommend these few writing workbooks which i find very useful and good for my son. He is 3 years + 10 months old when started with these writing practise. What I like about these 3 Books are:

  • They have boxes with dotted lines to guide them how to write followed by empty boxes
  • The numbers showing which stroke/line to draw to form the alphabets
  • The have pictures to show the relationship between the alphabets, the words and images of the objects.
  • In between they have ‘Games’ which my son calls it to keep things interesting.
Mr Sai Mun
Mr Sai Munhttps://mrsaimun.com
A teacher at heart, who's blog and YouTube has garnered over 5 million views. He co-founded multiple companies which creates breakthrough in education, special needs and entrepreneurship. Currently a father of two, navigating and exploring parenthood.


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