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3 Last Minute Study Tips for Physics

3 Important Last Minute Study Tips for Physics

When Physics exam is just around the corner, most of the students will start worrying that they are not able to finish memorizing all the formulae, definitions and topics. Therefore today I will be sharing 3 important tips to students who are sitting for their exams soon!

#1 Prepare a list of formulae
When you see this, you might start wondering how many papers are required in order to list all the formulae out. No worries, you do not need to write out all of them, you only need to write out those which are frequently asked in exam questions. And how do you get this? Search through the past year papers and you will see a few formulae which always appear. Then use this list when you are doing the past year questions.

 Mr. Ivan’s Formulae List                                                                                        

#2 Do ‘kao kao’ past year papers
Buy past year papers or download FREE past year papers online by yourself. Prepare a collection of past year papers that span a period of 10 years. And how do you start off with the papers? First of all, make sure you can do well in your paper 2 and 6 first. Also, do the past year papers chapter by chapter as you revise so that it helps you to understand and memorize easier. By doing this, you should be able to notice that all of the questions are quite similar and the concepts are more or less the same but they’re just worded differently under different situations.

Find them to get past year papers or notes!

#3 Do not hesitate to ask questions
Last but not least, after doing the past year papers, check with the marking schemes to make sure you answered correctly. If it is wrong and you do not understand why, do not hesitate to ask your friend or your teacher. You have to understand the questions well in order to answer it the next time you see that again or when similar questions appear. Or you may drop me a message too!

About Mr Ivan Soh

Mr Ivan Soh is very passionate in teaching Physics and Sciences at VBest Centres. He believes in inspiring students to love the subject and great results will follow. Interesting experiments help to spice up the lesson and improve students’ understanding. 
He is also an enthusiastic about website and mobile apps development which involve of logical thinking that similar to Physics.

+ 6017-6618180 @cheehong_soh

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