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5 Must’s After SPM

Congratulations for completing SPM after months of hard work. Finally you guys can have a break and good rest. Anyway, finishing SPM doesn’t mean you are done with your studies anymore. It’s time for you to plan about your tertiary education. This is just the very beginning of your life before steeping into society. Here’s the things you MUST do right after your SPM.

#1 Have a rest

You have been working hard for SPM. It’s time to give yourselves a short break and sufficient rest. Go for vacation, trips, or hunt for good food to reward yourselves. Study smart, and play hard. Just go and play before you need to get into your duty again.

#2 What to study?

It’s time to have a think of what are you going to pursue in your tertiary education. 
What are you actually interest in?
What you wanna to do in the future?
Is the course suits you?
Is it something you are really like and interested in?
What can the course brings to you in the future?

#3 Education fair

Spare some time to go education fair. Go and survey the details of the course you are interested in. Just ask for few courses that you are really interested and intended to do. 

If you are still not sure which course to choose, go and survey for all the courses you are interested in. Get the details of the courses. Then only make decision. Perhaps it helps. 

If you have made up your mind about which course to choose, go and survey for universities which offer the particular course. Look for a better university.

Education Fair 2015/2016

Facon Edufair Star Education Fair Education & Further Studies Fair

#4 Plan

After making all your decision regarding what and where to study, it’s time to plan. Plan for which intake you are going enrolled. Which foundation/pre-U you are going to take. What are you going to do before your intake? 
Work? Improve yourselves with some new skills?

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#5 Scholarship

There’s plenty of scholarships available right now. Go and search for scholarship. Although SPM result hasn’t release yet, but some of them accepts application using trial result. Here comes the role of SPM trial result. Just apply and try your luck. Don’t waste the chance of getting a scholarship. Better be fast before the application expired date.

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Malaysia Scholarship 2015/2016 ScholardeckScholarst

Good luck & Happy holidays 🙂 

About Mr. Khing 

Call him Mr. Khing. He loves to share his study skills and motivate students to be like him achieving 1st Class Honours with a scholarship.

He is also used to be an outstanding athlete representing state Kuala Lumpur and now goes to gym frequently.

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