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Work and Travel USA For Free | Part 1

 Yo wassup! I am Khing Yuan 😀

Mt Rainier National Park at Washington, USA.

Hello everyone! I am Khing Yuan (or Mr Khing), nice meeting you guys! 🙂

I am just back to my home country Malaysia not long ago. For your information, I have been spending my past four months travelling at another side of the world. It sounds cool, isn’t it? So, I have taken part in a program called ‘Work and Travel USA Summer Program’, which allowed me to work at the states for few months, and followed by a month of travelling in the states. Of course, I have taken this precious opportunity to visit Tokyo, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan too. 

Everyone like travelling, and who doesn’t like to travel? I am pretty sure all of you are! 

No worries guys! I am here today to share with you my experiences, and also to brief you about the basic ideas behind this program. 

What is Work and Travel USA?

Work and Travel USA For Free

Basically, it is a program administered by the US Department of State to achieve the aims of international culture exchange. However, this program is only eligible for full-time tertiary students who are between the ages of 18 to 30. So, all the tertiary students out there, especially those who are going to graduate soon, do not miss this wonderful chance to travel to USA and it’s time to start planning!

How does it work?

There are two types of programs available for students to pick, which are the summer program (May – September) and the winter program (November – March).

Students are allowed to work for minimum of 2 months and maximum of 4 months in the states, followed by 28 days of travelling within the states.

Jobs wise, students have the opportunity to pick which employer to work for. But do take note that every employer has its respective closing registration date and interview date. It’s always recommended to start registering earlier with the agency so that you get to have more choices of employers.

Students on the program get to employ in famous locations such as amusement parks or theme parks (Six Flags, Cedar point etc.) and national parks (Yellowstone, Grand Canyon etc.).

Where can I register?

There are actually a few agencies in Malaysia that you can approach. Of course, you are always welcome to contact them for future details and information.

Speedwing: www.speedwing.org
Outofthebox: www.outofthebox.com.my

How much do I need to pay?

You are required to pay around RM4k to the agency (includes deposit, program fee, visa fee etc.). Then, you also need to spend about RM4k or more on the flight tickets. Of course, this might be varied from one person to another. It is dependable on the rate of the flight tickets u purchased, as well as the time you purchased them. It is always recommended to purchase the flight tickets in advanced as the price might increases as it gets nearer to the departure dates.

So for my case, I have spent RM8.2K in everything before I departed to USA. Anyway, do not get scared by the amount of money you needed to spend before going to USA, because -you can earn back the money!- while you are working in the states. Depends on how much you earn and also how heavy you spending are, it is always possible to get your expenses covered or even a net worth when you are back to your home country!Anyway, be reminded that experience and exposure are things that money cannot buy, so just go there and enjoy!

My feedback

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Since it is only eligible for students, so please grab this chance to travel and explore another side of the world before you start having your hectic lifeless working life! It will be super duper hard (or I should say impossible) for you to have 4-5 months duration to travel around the world. Indeed, it is also a very good chance to travel or stay in USA for such a long duration with a cheaper cost.

I worked at Mt. Rainier National Park and I got to know many new friends from all around the worlds! I get to make friends from Jamaica, Columbia, Ecuador, Taiwan, Republic of Dominicans, and of course the locals (Americans)! 

Here are some of the beautiful photos of Mt. Rainier National Park.

It is always full of wild-flowers during summer.
Breathtaking views, isn’t it?
It looks spectacular in photo, but it is even more magnificent seeing it with your eyes!
A hike at Mt. Rainier is a must, and it is really fun!
A place with lots of hikers! 
It snows during summer, isn’t it strange and cool?

These are all the basic information about this program. More about my life and experiences at the states will be posted very soon. STAY TUNED for Work and Travel USA Part 2!

Of course, you guys can approach me or comment below if there is any enquiry. Hope you guys enjoy reading it 😀

About Mr. Khing 

Call him Mr. Khing. He loves to share his study skills and motivate students to be like him achieving 1st Class Honours with a scholarship.

He is also used to be an outstanding athlete representing state Kuala Lumpur and now goes to gym frequently.

   +6017-6332871  @khingyuan


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