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7 Unwritten Rules of High School

High school. It’s a jungle out there. There are many ways to get through it…here’s ours.

Have LOTS of friends.
You should have friends from different social groups who are interested in different things. It’s okay to have friends who like the same stuff as you, but also have friends who share different interests. It creates a non-competitive and drama-free environment. It also makes you a well-rounded person. Soon, you’ll realise that every person has something great to offer. Who knows maybe you might develop a new interest for something else.

Don’t let pride get in the way of learning.
If you think you’re the only one who doesn’t understand whatever was taught by the teacher just now, you’re wrong. No one should struggle with learning alone. There’s nothing embarrassing about asking someone for help. In fact, asking your teacher about a question in front of the whole class may actually help others who don’t have the courage to seek for help.

Look down when teachers ask for volunteers.
Never give eye contact to teachers if you DON’T want to be called out to explain passages or write answers on the whiteboard. Look busy by flipping through pages to ‘search’ for answers. It might be your unlucky day if you did all the above and still get called.

When they say meetings are always on Wednesday, it’s not true.
Do understand that this is a school. Not an international corporate bank. There is no need to cancel tuition classes or any other activities one week before to make plans for meetings unless you’re absolutely sure there will be no last minute postpones.

Never talk about anyone behind their back.
Don’t go around making false rumours or gossip because it’s a bad idea. You never know who may twist your words and say something else to ruin friendships. Not joking. It doesn’t only appear in movies. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Things may not necessarily go your way, but it’s best to be the good guy. Easier said than done but we can all try our best.

Stay open minded!
You are bound to meet different people from different backgrounds and culture. Everyone has different opinions no matter how close you are. It’s best to stay open minded and accept ideas instead of persisting on yours.

Don’t waste time worrying and growing too much.
Cherish your schooling days. It’s one of the best time of life because you’re still energetic, carefree and free to wear almost anything. Until you need to start paying bills and clearing debts, don’t waste too much time over thinking on your future and try to let loose!


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