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How I Score Straight As

Examinations have become part and parcel of the students’ lives in this rat-race society, it has become inevitable in every students’ lives. However, we, as students, must have the fortitude to take up the gauntlet, and have the limitless endurance in this episode of our lives. 

It is credence to say that we desire to prevail in our studies, and achieve par excellence in our academics. Our aim is common- we want to score A. We have been drummed with this concept of scoring A by our beloved parents since young, and has been effectively entrenched in our mindsets. They did this to us because they perceive education as an element that is exam-orientated, this fact is palpable in this modernised education system, and is very crucial in our life journey. Without education, we could not go far.

Scoring A does not mean you are very good in academics, it means that you know how to beat the system, we need to topple the exam system in order to score A in our exams. The first and the most conspicuous way to beat the system, is to study- memorise, every single bit of information in the syllabus, and doing a ridiculous amount of exercises. This is a waste of time and idiotic.

Education should not be as such, mutating students into soulless robots who only eat books for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or even dreaming about their exam syllabuses. The savvy of beating the system is simple, but difficult to be executed, because we must be well-disciplined in order to score A.


Study places matter, a lot. The environment of your study space must be negated from any forms of distraction, especially your smart phones. A conducive study area promotes us to focus more intensely, and to study more effective because human’s state of mind has a higher propensity of taking in knowledge when we are focusing. If you do not have a personal study space, create one yourselves, it could be anywhere, that you find it comfortable and away from distractions.


The adage- Rome was not built in a day, is bona fide to us, because knowledge only can be stored in our long-term memory using repetition, same goes to any other fields such as sports, and music. We need to have the discipline to set ourselves a study time, either on paper or mentally, and we must ensure ourselves to study at the time we have set. The time that we have set for ourselves must be consistent and break into small chunks. 

Do not cram in a bunch of knowledge in a straight 5-hour session, break it into smaller chunks that of half an hour to 45-minute range, this is a better way to concentrate and take in more knowledge.


Pay attention in class, seriously, you need to. Teachers in school ought not to be ignored because they know how the system works, we must have the skill of listening and jotting down notes. Listening is very important, as we listen, we can integrate the crux of the teachers’ teachings. Notes also helps us to remember, to strengthen our understanding of certain concept.


Sleep well, rest well, do not ever overload your study sessions. Having a healthy lifestyle enhances your learning skills as our brain needs abundant rest to function properly. Thus, stop scrolling the pixelated screen and get more sleep at night.


Ask when you are not quite sure about a concept. When you do not understand a concept, it will be harder to commit them into memory. If you want to know whether you understand a concept or not, try teaching another friend about it, if you are at home try teaching to your parents or else even your pet, as you teach, you are practising your memory. If you can teach well, that means you have fully grasp the concept. If not, you have to put in more effort into understanding the particular concept.

Scoring A is a cinch if you know the tips and tricks, hacking your way to score A. Nonetheless, you must have self-discipline in order to score A.

Good luck to you guys who are having exams when reading this post. Hope you guys can score A!

Written by : Bryan Phua


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