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5 Ways To Score A* In Physics

5 Ways To Score well in Physics By Using Ivan’s Law

1. Concept

In physics, nothing is more important than understanding the CONCEPT. Most of the people deem that physics is thing that happens in a logical mean. But, have you ever thinks of how the so called ‘logic’ exists? If your answer is “NO”, it indirectly means that you don’t really understand about how this world is going on.

You don’t get the reason why you are walking but not flying; you don’t get why you are able to cut stuff using a sharp knife but not a blunt one. So, it is utterly important to understand the concept!

2. Examples + Experiments

After understanding the concept, it is the time to look for examples. What do I mean by examples are the relation of physics concept with things that happen around us every day. For instance, remind yourself that you must cut with sharp knife due to the theory of pressure; you are able to feel the heat from Sun because of the radiation of heat from Sun; and also sport cars are designed to be lower in height because they will have higher stability with lower center of gravity.

When you can relate things that happening around you to physics concept, you are mastering well and can move to the next stage. Also, try to do experiments by yourself, it can help to improve your understanding about the theories of physics!

3. Formulas

In third stage, formula is one of the most important elements in physics. The relationships, purposes and reasons of each physics theories can be explained by all the formulas. If you feel that it is difficult to memorize a particular formula, it means that you have not fully mastered the concept. With the concept + examples, memorizing formulas bring no more headache. The more the understanding in concept and giving examples, the more the formulas can be memorized. They are directly proportional!

4. Exercises 

After successfully passing the first three stages, what you have to do now is to apply whatever you have learned, you have tried, or you have listened, into exercises. Spend your time on doing exercises when you are doing revisions. By doing exercises, such as past year papers, you can remember all the theories even more clearly and better. After learning a subtopic, start forcing yourself to do some past year papers. The past year papers let you know the style of the questions asked and once you have mastered the pattern, you can simply get your answers correctly in your mind within seconds. 

5. Repeat

The 4 steps above are the most basic ones. Here comes the key for you to score very well in Physics. All you have to do is to REPEAT all the 4 steps above. NEVER skip one of them. They are the main keys for you to score well in physics. If you can master them well, A* or A+ in physics is no longer a dream for you!

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