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How to check SPM Result online

Due to the pandemic, SPM are postponed three times to the date of 22 February of 2021. Hence, we would expect the result will be announced around April to May. SPM are important academic achievement for students who follow the school curriculum in Malaysia. With excellent achievement in SPM, students have the opportunity to further their studies in areas of interest at the tertiary level. Here is information on SPM 2020 Result Review Online and SMS. For failed candidates, you have the opportunity to re-sit for the examination in the Repeat SPM examination conducted by the Examination Board, Ministry of Education Malaysia KPM. Candidates will make a decision at their perspective schools but you can use Online and SMS access to get a summary of the result slip if unable to attend school on that date. Based on last year’s and previous dates, SPM results usually come out in March every year. However, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, this year’s result are expected to be announced at a later date.

Hence, the Official date of the SPM 2020 results is yet to be announced based on the KPM media statement.

There are several options for SPM candidates to check their results online

School candidates must come to their perspective schools after /staring 10:00am on the date the results are announced to get the full SPM results (Slip results). However, if the candidate faces time constraints and so on, you can use alternatives provided to get a summary of their respective SPM results.

Private candidates will be notified by post or can contact the State Education Department where the candidate registered to sit for examination

There are several ways to review SPM results, namely through online review and SMS.

Online method

Summary of result online can be accessed after the date of the decision is issued. Here are the links to do an Online Review:-


Summary of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination results via SMS can be accessed through the SPM examination result review service provided by KPM through mySMS 15888 service.

Type SPM <distance > Identity card number (K/P) <distance> Turn Number and send SMS to 15888

e.g: SPM 992010144554 JK245134 and send SMS to 15888

Here is a simple step in reviewing SPM results via SMS

The service will be activated starting 10am on the official date of the SPM results are announced. Users will be charged 15 sen for each delivery and 20 sen for receiving SMS according to the rate of service tot the rate of service by the telecommunications network in the previous year.


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