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What had change for SPM Physics in 2021 | New KSSM Form 4 Form 5

The students who are taking SPM in 2021 should be noted that The Ministry of Education introduced a new format for the coordination of new subjects under the Secondary School Standard Curriculum. Starting in 2020, Form Four students will use the Science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subject packages as well as the new Literature and Humanities Package to replace the abolished science and literature steam. So, what had been change in Physics subject?

Form 4

Comparing with the old syllabus, the new Form 4 Physics had removed the chapter for Pressure and added the chapter of Gravitation and Waves. While the remaining chapters such as Force and Motion, Heat and Light are still remaining.

Chapters(OLD)Chapters (New)
Force and motionForce and motion 1 (half of previous syllabus)

Form 5

For Form 5 syllabus, the second part of Force and motion, Pressure and Quantum Physics are added.

Chapters (Old)Chapters(New)
WavesForce and motion2
Nuclear PhysicsElectronics (Logic gate are removes)
 Nuclear Physics
 Quantum Physics

The new exam format for SPM Physics 2021 are listed below:

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