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Taiwan Internship Program – Why YOU Should Apply!

We were also welcomed cordially with scrumptious dishes and my favourite SMOKED SALMON.

OHH WAIT! I’ve forgotten to introduce myself! My name is Shirley, I recently graduated from University of Malaya, majoring in Genetics and Molecular Biology. During my third year of undergraduate studies, I participated in the International Internship Program under Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP-IIP), held in Academia Sinica, Taipei. It was memorable and I had acquired precious friendships with friends from different cultural backgrounds but share similar interests with me. 😀

Good things are meant to be shared! So, now I am going to share with you some of my personal and lab experiences during this internship. I will also elaborate further description about what is TIGP-IIP in my next blogpost — The 5 Do’s of applying to International Internship Program (TIGP-IIP). Stay tuned!

I joined the July – August 2014 batch, under the department of Cell and Molecular Biology. Dr. Chen was my principal investigator, who has in-depth knowledge on genetics, motor neurons and embryonic stem cells. I could still remember how overwhelmed I was by the excitement when the results were out! I didn’t need much aside from my visa and flight ticket, and off I go to Taiwan, on my own! (P/S: half of the cheapest round-way airfare at economy class will be reimbursed (:)

Academia Sinica front door

Activity centre at Academia Sinica – Accommodation during my internship. A luxurious stay for two months including daily room cleaning services! However, I heard that starting from 2016, the accommodation will be changed to TIGP dormitory, which is not bad, only without room cleaning services. Aww.. 

Some of my internship experiences throughout the 2 months:

The unmistakable Taipei 101

C.S.K Memorial Hall
Some of the scenic spots we had visited in Taipei – Jiufen, Shifen
Waiting outside of the Gold Museum to start our expedition — ‘mining and collecting gold”.

The popular night markets in Taiwan, STINKY TOFU  and MANY MORE! Not much pictures though because I was too busying enjoying them, YUMS! 😀

Having breakfast with my friends. I love Taiwan breakfast so much! <3

3D talk about Drosophila (fruit-fly) brain research at National Tsing Hua University

We hiked XiangShan trail and managed to enjoy the picturesque sunset view at the peak.

Ubike for FREE that allows us to travel around at Taipei

Wondering if this is a post about internship or a Taiwan trip? No joke, it is indeed an internship. TIGP-IIP had organised a few day trips for us. Meanwhile, I went for FOOD hunt at night after being involved in research during the day and traveled around during weekends. Alright, a quick peek over my internship project. Since the duration of internship lasted for only two months, I was given a mini project and learnt about gene cloning and transfection of target gene into embryonic cells. YES, CLONING! MULTIPLICATION OF GENES and introducing them into EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS.

Picture of kidney cells under microscope with targeted gene inserted into the nucleus (Blue-green). Due to confidentiality, I am not allowed to share the other results here.

I have learnt about mouse embryo sample preparation as well. 

Since the whole internship was sponsored (NTD 30,000 every month), I had saved up some money to travel around Taiwan island for eight days from Taipei – Hualien – Tainan – Taichung – Taipei and I spent my first week of the semester backpacking in Taiwan. 
P/s: Playing truant isn’t good  😛 

Hope you enjoyed reading it. Are you tempted to apply? Want to know more? Please proceed to my next blog post. 

– Shirley –

About the author:
Ms Liau Ee Shan (Shirley) has recently graduated from University of Malaya as Bsc in Genetics and Molecular Biology.
“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”


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